Mar 5, 2015

CNY recap: Paperless hongbaos, paper cuts with French twist, and more

GREATER CHINA - Judging from the number of sheep-like noises we made when we came across cool bits of marketing throughout the 15-day Chinese New Year celebration (which culminates today in the annual Lantern Festival ‘元宵节'), there were quite a few newsworthy and significant things to bleat about. Here's a few of our favourites.

Mar 16, 2012

MJ Bale tailors suits infused with Aussie cricketing greatness

ADELAIDE - M.J. Bale, the official tailors to the Australian cricket team, has released a short film documenting its plans to create handcrafted suits from the wool of an elite group of Merino sheep who have grazed on grass taken from the Sydney Cricket Ground.