Webinar: The new frontiers of fraud

Webinar: The new frontiers of fraud

This webinar brought together experts for a deep-dive into the ever-evolving landscape of fraud.

  • When:
    Jul 8, 2020
  • Where:
    Webinar, Asia-Pacific

Campaign Asia and White Ops joined forces to host a 60 minute webinar on the ever-evolving ad fraud landscape.

With more and more ad spend going towards emerging digital channels, scammers are constantly devising new schemes to out-smart detectors and advertisers are losing billions of dollars to ad fraud every year. How can marketers and advertisers limit wasted ad spend?

This webinar, hosted by Campaign Asia in partnership with White Ops, revealed the ever-evolving landscape of ad-fraud and shared insights into how cybersecurity protection capabilities are fighting fraud.

Bihao Pan​, Lead Senior Director, Inventory Partnerships​, Haswar Hafid​, VP of Advertising, Bukalapak and Dimitris Theodorakis​, Director of Detection​, White Ops shared how you can make the most of your ad spend.

Key Points:

  • Ad Fraud 101​: breaking down myths around ad fraud
  • Who profits?​ understanding the ecosystem making sure your partners aren’t complicit
  • Fraud mediums​: the ad mediums attracting the most fraud right now
  • Solutions: the need for collective protection​
  • Recommendations for advertisers


Bihao Pan
Lead Senior Director, Inventory Partnerships
The Trade Desk
Haswar Hafid 
VP of Advertising
Dimitris Theodorakis
Director of Detection
White Ops
Jessica Goodfellow
Editor, Media & Technology
Campaign Asia-Pacific