Top 1000 Brands Briefing

Top 1000 Brands Briefing

The Top 1000 Brands event is back. Who took the top spots and who fell behind in Asia's definitive ranking on brand perception? To celebrate this year's cream of the crop, the regional event will bring together the most notable brands under one roof for an afternoon of premium networking and brand insights.

It’s difficult to predict exactly how market dynamics will play out in 2020. Asia’s middle class is growing, with greater disposable income and influence than ever before. In a region so big and diverse, understanding who consumers are and what makes them tick remains a critical challenge for APAC CMOs.

‘Purpose’ is crucial in 2019, as evidenced by this year’s crop of socially responsible Cannes Lions winners and brand work for good remains a hot topic. Clearly, it will continue to influence marketing decisions and budgets in the years to come. Brands need to align their core values with those of their consumers and their interests — and do so in a convincing, long-term and sustainable way. 

They need to stay on top of the seismic shifts in culture we’re seeing as society’s traditional boundaries shift and consumers challenge ideas around identity, values and connection. Safe to say, advertising can no longer rely on stereotypes as a way to reach consumers’ hearts. 

Join us in Singapore on 28 August to get the up-to-date lowdown on the psyche of the Asian consumer today and gain fresh perspectives on the trends driving purchasing decisions. We’ll explore new strategies for CMOs and showcase the brands innovating in the region, so you’ll leave feeling challenged and inspired and ready to take on the next marketing hurdle for your business.

Key discussions include:

  • The untouchable non-moversAsia’s top six brands remain strong and unbeaten in the Asia’s Top 1000 Brands list. We’ll be hearing from some of them about the strategies and techniques they’ve deployed to hold their position at top of mind amongst consumers in the last 12 months. We’ll also dive into the data and look at those who have climbed highest - and fallen furthest - in the ranks; and what insights we can take from these moves.
  • Profiling the consumer of tomorrow: Whether they are health-conscious, worried about sustainability and the planet, or activists fighting for political or social causes, consumer priorities are evolving. How can brands engage with these consumers? There are sensitivities to consider when treading the line between politics and brands. Should brands follow trends or try to set their own?
  • From heritage to whole new purpose: As a heritage brand, it’s tricky to stay relevant and break traditions. There’s been a surge of new brands worldwide who position themselves as ethical and niche, who are bringing new perspectives on consumerism and taking market share. We’ll look into the role of heritage brands in the future and how they can stay fit for purpose.
  • The CMO Outlook: While brands such as Johnson & Johnson are scrapping the CMO role altogether, others are creating new marketing roles or reimagining the job description to become truly digital-first, dynamic and agile. It's a challenging environment, with a host of new marketing demands around every corner. Amongst the biggest are emerging technologies, data and talent. We'll look at case studies showing some of the difficult decisions CMOs have made in recent times. What were the risks? How did they strategise? Where are the rewards and what does the future look like for a role under threat?
  • Myth-busting trends: In an event all about trends, this session attempts to debunk them all. Challenge what you know and think outside the box.

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