Measure what matters: Tailoring KPIs for efficacy and engagement

Measure what matters: Tailoring KPIs for efficacy and engagement

Join us for a thought-provoking webinar to discover newer, better measurement metrics in a post-cookie, omnichannel world.


During a time of economic instability, with a recession potentially around the corner, should marketing investment be continued? If so, how can marketers justify to CEOs and CFOs while budgets are being tightened? When it comes to digital advertisement — even with the beauty of measurability and accountability of digital media — proving marketing investment success has never been more challenging. As a marketer, are you confident that the metrics and KPIs you use are translating to real business results including sales growth, new customer acquisition, and profitability — and setting your business up to rebound and take up market share from competitors?
In addition, with rapid changes in audience behaviour and the deprecation of the third-party cookie in 2023, it’s time to consider better ways of gauging a campaign’s success. New challenges require newer, better solutions.
In this thought-provoking webinar, you’ll hear eye-opening insights from FedEx,, Nielsen and The Trade Desk on the biggest challenges in ad measurement and revenue attribution today, and how marketers can justify marketing investment so they can spend and grow at a time when it’s important to show efficacy.


Join FedEx,, NielsenThe Trade Desk and Campaign Asia-Pacific to learn:

  • Know your worth: In the face of a possible recession, which metrics can demonstrate the business value of marketing and branding investment
  • How FedEx and adopted a full-funnel approach aligned with their business goals
  • Moving away from last-click attribution: Conversions don’t happen in a vacuum. Discover how different metrics can help you map out the whole customer journey
  • Preparing for the post-cookie world: Learn how to up your measurement game, sans third-party cookies
  • The big picture: Don’t optimise on the fly. By not taking a holistic view of the campaign, marketers ultimately risk losing revenue — and nobody wants that

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