Rachel Everett

Sep 9, 2014

5 ways to find the right tone for your brand magazine

Creating a brand magazine begins with understanding your audience.

Aug 8, 2013

Come fly with me: Content for airlines

Make your online content ‘first class’ not ‘business class’.

Jul 9, 2013

Go viral: Six examples of awesome branded video content

Never before have so many people wanted to be part of a viral outbreak. But when it comes to viral video, success can be elusive. Here's six winning examples and some thoughts on their success.

Jun 3, 2013

Instagram for brands

Six ways marketers can be savvy with imagery.

Apr 29, 2013

What's all the fuss about Vine?

With Vine, Twitter has made six-second video clips into a new mode of communication. Rachel Everett, partner with White Horse Digital Asia, provides examples of how brands can use this new medium effectively.