Scaling social: Branding beyond image

Scaling social: Branding beyond image

Join us for Campaign Asia-Pacific’s webcast conducted in partnership with Hootsuite

The webinar takes place at 07:30 am India / 10 am Singapore/Hong Kong / 12 pm Sydney

Asia’s Top 1000 Brands report takes the region’s consumer pulse and reaching its top ranks is what brand managers strive for. But with many moving parts, driving a leading reputation is a difficult dance. From products to ads to corporate actions, everything reflects on a brand. As social media becomes a staple of popular culture, how can CMOs take better advantage of it to unify the brand image?

Social brands that use wit, serious content and even service through social channels are proving the medium is a sharp tool for gaining consumer traction. That encourages more companies to come on board, which only makes the space more competitive and challenging.

It may be no secret that social media has leapt from leisure gizmo to business tool but what is less apparent is the process in between. What’s it take to push social participation from just another channel to an authoritative brand voice? We’ve got expert opinion, experience and data on our next webinar to address the issue and help brand managers set an organisation-wide plan.

Scaling up: What’s the equation of manpower to management that takes social from a tactical to a strategic level?

Stature and status: How can brands best communicate with consumers who have greater control over the message than ever before?

Listening before leaping: Social media offers a built in focus group for your marketing but how do you uncover and then feedback those insights to the whole organisation?

Join Campaign, in partnership with Hootsuite, for an hour of conversation about social media’s impact on brand image and brands scale its influence to the organizational level, gaining more power from its use. This is a free and exclusive webcast on Thursday, 13 August at 10am Hong Kong-Singapore time/7:30am in India/12:00pm Sydney. Metrics, insight and savvy all play a role in brand image. Learn more about how social media can drive all three.