Diana Bradley
Jun 30, 2021

Mayoreo? Oreo and Heinz 'intrigued' by the idea

The brands have responded to a photo of a fake condiment circulating on social media.

Mayoreo: mocked-up condiment not universally welcomed as a concept on social media
Mayoreo: mocked-up condiment not universally welcomed as a concept on social media
In recent years, Heinz has invented epic flavour mash-ups, including Mayochup, Buffaranch and Honeyracha. Enter: Mayoreo, a new flavor sensation that involves mixing – you guessed it – mayonnaise and Oreo cookies.

A photograph of a bottle of Mayoreo circulated on social media this week. But, tragically, Heinz confirmed to Snopes that Mayoreo is not real. The image was originally posted on June 23 by DoctorPhotograph, a Facebook and Instagram account that specialises in fake product designs.

But could the outlandish flavour become a reality?

HJ Heinz & Co (@HeinzTweets) retweeted Doctor Photograph’s image of Mayoreo on Monday, stating that the idea is “intriguing” and asking Oreo to chime in with its own opinion. Oreo admitted it was aware of the hoax and hadn’t been able to get the notion off its mind.

Heinz later tweeted: “I wonder if my fellow sauceteers would be ready for such a combination.”

On Tuesday, Oreo sent PRWeek a statement explaining that Mayoreo is not a real collaboration and there are no plans in the works to release this product. 

“However, Oreo is always exploring new flavours and product innovations, so stay tuned for other exciting, delicious (and real!) news coming from our team,” the statement said. 

social media debate led to the launch of Mayochup – a mix of mayonnaise and ketchup – in 2018. Could Mayoreo have the same fate?

Based on social media users’ reaction to the image, we’re going to guess not.

Heinz and Oreo aren’t the only brands that have fallen victim to viral Photoshop hoaxes. Fake Pop-Tarts flavours have been circulating for years on social media. And in 2018, an image of an in-store advertisement for Wonderful Pistachios and the animated movie The Grinch, with an unusually crass slogan: "Green and salty. Just like my nuts," made the rounds on social media.



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