Carol Huang
Jul 14, 2020

Adidas Neo invites China to a Gudetama-inspired Douyin dance challenge

TBWA Shanghai orchestrates a campaign to promote the brand's line of clothing inspired by Sanrio's lazy egg-yolk character.

Adidas's Neo brand is launching a summer product line inspired by Gudetama, the Japanese cartoon figure of a lazy egg yolk, who is adored for his chill attitude.

With TBWA Shanghai, the brand has issued a dance challenge on Bytedance's Douyin platform (the in-China version of TikTok) to promote the collaboration with the Sanrio character.

TBWA's Bolt studio helped to carry out the campaign. 'Gudetama' sounds like 'good day da ma' in Chinese, so the brand's video promoting the challenge features an 'old lady' ('da ma').

Users can hashtag Douyin posts with "#goodday大妈舞" to join in the fun.

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