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Nov 23, 2016

Cheetos offers bronzer, perfume, other cheesy gifts

With an orange-tinged president about to take over, who's to say the time is not right for cheese-coloured products?

Ad Nut enjoys a crunchy snack, and gets a kick out of brands that build whimsy into their positioning. So this amusing collection of Cheetos-themed holiday gifts, supposedly designed by the brand's longtime spokes-creature, Chester Cheetah, meets with approval.

Ad Nut...

  • Might have splurged for some Cheeteau Perfume, but sadly the company is only shipping to US addresses.
  • Finds it disturbing that someone apparently paid $20,000 for Cheetos jewelry (it's now "sold out"). 
  • Believes the bronzer is redundant when one could simply consume a bag of Cheetos and then rub one's fingers over one's face and body.

If you'd like more details, Campaign US wrote a very thorough story.

For more in weird food-related products, see KFC gives away sunscreen that smells like fried chicken

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