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Oct 5, 2018

A more memorable font makes an impression for a university

RMIT University and Naked have scored earned-media coverage by creating a font that supposedly helps you remember what you read.

Ad Nut pities you poor humans with your feeble, forgetful brains. Like all members of squirrelkind, Ad Nut has an incredible, nay, infallible, memory. So Ad Nut has no use for 'Sans Forgetica', a font that supposedly helps humans retain the information they read.

Developed by Australia's RMIT University and featured in a campaign by Naked, the font launched Wednesday and was downloaded about 16,000 times in the first 36 hours, according to the agency.

The website for the font goes into the science behind it, but the basic argument is that by making your brain work a little harder while you read, the font increases memory retention. The university even claims the font has proven its worth in tests. 

You can try it yourself by downloading the font itself, or a Chrome extension that applies it to web pages. 

While maintaining some scepticism about the claims being made here, Ad Nut is certain that the name chosen for the font is thoroughly brilliant.


RMIT University
Lynda Cavalera, Associate Director – Brand, Segments & Campaigns
Kate Wheatley, Senior Manager Brand & Content, Segments & Campaigns
Damian Sullivan, Digital Media Officer - Brand & Content
Alex Hammond, Digital Marketing Manager
Amanda Smythe, Manager Acquisition Marketing
Michael Sloan, Paid Search & Media Advisor
Stephen Banham, RMIT Typography Lecturer, School of Design
Dr Jo Peryman (née Laban), Chair, RMIT Behavioural Business Lab (BBL)
Dr Janneke Blijlevens, Senior Lecturer Marketing, Founder member RMIT Behavioural Business Lab (BBL)

Jon Burden, Executive Creative Director
Tim Kirby, Managing Director
Brett Rolfe, Chief Strategy Officer
Adam Grant, Senior Copywriter
Damian Sloan, Senior Art Director
Bryce Waters, Art Director
Chris Nguyen, Junior Copywriter
Marcus Key, Design Director
Melinda Cole, Senior Designer
Gabriel Mangulabnan, Finished Artist
Claire Cocks, Production & Workflow Manager
Ari Sztal, Group Account Director
Jess Glass, Account Director
Blake Dawson, Senior Account Executive
Melanie King, PR Lead
James Bristow, Editor
Al Green, Animator
AJ Scarcella, Animator
Technology partner – Orchard
Music – [email protected]

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