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Dec 2, 2015

Wine brand provides a shortcut to gentlemanliness

From Australia: 'Gentleman's collection', for Treasury Wine Estates’ Lindeman’s brand by J. Walter Thompson

Wine brand provides a shortcut to gentlemanliness

According to the brand, there's a "growing trend of gentlemanliness amongst millennial men, from their grooming habits to their choice of clothes and lifestyle."

The campaign couples this trend to the apparently real story of Dr. Henry John Lindeman, who founded the winery and "began a journey of refining ruffians via an appreciation for his wines, way back in 1843", The result is a lengthy series of short "irreverant" films where a handsome fellow gives advice to other would-be gentlemen (Ad Nut has included three slightly amusing ones below). The digital-led campaign also includes on-premises materials such as "banter-enhacing coasters" and "gentlemanly guides".

Ad Nut quickly grew annoyed by Mr. Smug Gentleman, but supposes that the videos are not intended for binge watching—or for being taken seriously.

Still, Ad Nut wonders about the wisdom of targeting such a narrow market. How many guys are ready to stop swilling beer indiscriminately, but would buy a bottle conveniently labeled as the "Gentleman's Collection" because they are not sufficiently motivated to develop their own knowledge and preferences? And if they do learn anything, how long before they wouldn't be caught dead buying such an uncouth label?

That said, Ad Nut looks forward with glee to the campaign for the inevitable line of wines targeting women. Will the bottles be pink? Ad Nut wouldn't bet against it. 




Creative Director: Jarrod Lowe
Director: Jarrod Lowe
DOP: Marin Johnson
Copywriters: Jarrod Lowe, Kerem Sekerci
Art Director: Tim Yates
Global Account Director: Pete Randeria
Account Team: Steph Nikolovski, Paulina Embart, Hazel Tiernan, Linda Simoni, Rose Dwyer, Lauren Clarke
Production Team: Sandi Gracin, Lauren Napthine, Jen Carigiet
PR: Pulse Communications (Melbourne)


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