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Nov 14, 2018

Nightmare pitch video is all too realistic

An imagined post-pitch press conference, based on real-life examples, is perhaps too painful to laugh at.

The painfully funny satire above imagines a world where clients and agencies hold post-pitch press conferences—like those that follow major sporting events. Ad Nut feels confident it will hit a bit too close to home for many people in adland.

And that's by design. The video is actually a piece of propaganda (sorry, "thought leadership") from Zulu Alpha Kilo, the same troublemaking Toronto agency that made a scary agency recruitment video, asked agencies to 'say no to spec', poked fun at creatives who let award wins go to their heads, made its own website into an hilarious spoof of agency websites and imagined ad concepts that talk back

On its 'Smarter pitch' website, the agency explains that everything in the 'World's worst RFP' video is inspired by real-life examples. But you probably didn't need them to tell you that. And it was the right approach to take, because, like the Trump administration, pitches are difficult to satirise: no matter how hard you try to make up ridiculous stuff, the real thing already has or will soon surpass your fiction.

Anyway, the video has some good zingers (don't miss the Chyron text), and the website is full of reasonable ways that both clients and agencies could improve the pitch process—which very few people will even attempt to follow, but you can't fault Zulu Alpha Kilo for trying. At the very least, it's a good bit of marketing for the agency itself.  

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