Jun 24, 2016

Campaign at Cannes: Interview with Tencent's Davis Lin

Davis Lin, vice president at Tencent, discusses China's social scene and Tencent's social advertising, with Campaign at Cannes.


Lin is vice president and head of strategy development at Tencent. Campaign Asia-Pacific brand director Atifa Silk talked with Lin about the following topics:

  • Start: WeChat's growth
  • 1:00: What other social platforms Tencent offers to audiences
  • 1:38: How Tencent balances commercial opportunities to ensure the end-user experience isn't compromised
  • 2:17: Advice for brands looking to use Tencent Social Ads platform in China
  • 2:52: Trends Lin is seeing in China's digital scene
  • 3:41: The goal of Tencent Social Ads


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