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Jul 11, 2024

Are traditional metrics like viewability and clicks enough?

In an increasingly complex digital-first media environment, metrics that track attention are enhancing traditional measures in meeting the needs of marketers and agencies looking to demonstrate effectiveness and ROI.

Are traditional metrics like viewability and clicks enough?
The Attention Economy, published in 2001 by Thomas H. Davenport and John C. Beck, posited attention as “the scarce resource.” It’s a premise that has aged remarkably well, particularly 23 years later, as the contenders for this scarce resource have multiplied exponentially — from the endless scrolls of social media, on-demand entertainment, and non-stop marketing communications. 
The massive demand for consumer attention means that many of the traditional metrics that track the performance of online ads — viewability and clicks, for instance — are no longer enough. Attention-based metrics like DoubleVerify’s (DV) Authentic Attention® have emerged to track the viewable impressions that have the greatest impact on intended consumers. 
Cracking attention has thus become a key priority for marketing organisations. DV’s Global Insights: 2024 Trends Report states that nearly 50% of media buyers plan to use attention metrics on most of their buys in 2024. 
Attention-based metrics can also help resolve one of the most profound challenges facing marketers today — figuring out the optimal split between messaging that is purely promotional versus communication that builds brands. Or more specifically, whether brand-building communication can meet the increasingly stringent ROI requirements within organisations.
Ademonstration of how attention-based metrics can validate the role played by branding campaigns in moving the dial on ROI comes from Mondelēz, one of the world’s largest snack companies. While running a cross-platform display campaign for one of its brands, Mondelēz’s media planning agency employed DV’s Authentic Ads® to validate each ad impression and to optimise the campaign to the highest quality, viewable placements. 
Mondelēz then conducted a brand lift study to measure the campaign’s impact on branding KPIs, which demonstrated how DV Authentic Attention® built on the strong performance lift delivered by DV’s Authentic Ads®.  As a result, Mondelēz identified a correlation between exposure and engagement on the key branding metrics it was looking to influence, validating that DV Authentic Attention® data is correlated with a lift on key branding KPIs. Across both exposure and engagement measures, higher-performing impressions elevated the brand in consumers’ minds when considering options within the category.
At a Campaign Spotlight event in Hong Kong last year, Louis Ng, head of programmatic at Havas Media Group Hong Kong framed attention as a metric that could gauge the meaningfulness of an interaction between a consumer and an ad. He said, “Traditionally, the advertising industry has used impressions to measure whether ads are viewable. However, viewability does not fully reflect or account for the actual attention span of real people. To qualify as meaningful attention, we need a more comprehensive approach to consider other factors like user engagement, ad format, and publisher contexts.”  
Since then, Ng has demonstrated his commitment to this comprehensive approach. The programmatic team at Havas working with DV has focused sharply on attention-based metrics to deliver more engaging and cost-efficient campaigns for clients. The agency wanted to leverage attention measurement to help its clients drive campaign performance and inform future optimisations, with a focus on creative and media strategy. The results speak for themselves: a Havas media partner achieved an Attention Index  of more than 400, outperforming other media partners across DV’s advertisers in the last 28 days. Louis said, “Attention-based metrics are poised to become the next key measurement metrics. I look forward to seeing more agencies, advertisers, and publishers embracing and adopting these metrics as one of the industry’s performance benchmarks for upcoming campaigns. ”
To read the complete case study from Havas on how DV’s Authentic Attention solution helped its clients, please click here.


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