Olivia Parker
Sep 17, 2018

2018 is the year of the GIF: Spikes Media president Amrita Randhawa

The CEO of Mindshare Asia Pacific discusses the media discipline's unique place in the industry and her favourite recent game-changing campaigns ahead of judging at the year's Spikes Asia.

Amrita Randhawa
Amrita Randhawa

Amrita Randhawa, CEO of Mindshare Asia Pacific, executive chair of Mindshare Greater China and president of the Media jury at this year's Spikes Asia, shared her thoughts ahead of the festival. 

What element of judging the Media category at Spikes are you most looking forward to? 

The ability smart media can have in delivering disproportionate results for clients. Our clients’ businesses are facing tangential pressures we have never seen and they are looking to their agencies to help them drive change, transform their organisations and much more. Sitting at the crossroads of media, data, technology and content I feel the media discipline is uniquely placed to bring forward solutions that deliver results.

What will you be hoping to see in winning entries?

Insight, innovation and results, in equal measure. To me, if we choose to award a Grand Prix, it would have to tick all of the boxes because just two out of the three would not be enough.

What recent trends are you seeing in ad campaigns in the Media category in general?

The definition of media is becoming really broad and this is a good thing. Since Cannes I have felt this is the year of the GIF as I have seen brands start to experiment in this area (with mixed results). I also see a lot of barter and value exchange deals where there isn’t really any paid media but its about an innovative approach to getting media presence.

Can you tell me about any specific campaigns you’ve seen and thought have resonated recently?

Its hard for me to point to one campaign but I think the work that KFC is doing across the region is outstanding. From their Cannes award winning work in Hong Kong where they replaced fire with spicy fried chicken to China and their work enhancing in-game experience and not just badging KFC in games, they consistently hit the twin goals of engaging consumers and building their brand.

Ogilvy created this campaign for KFC Hong Kong's 'Hot & Spicy' recipe

Are there any trends you really think need to stop?

“Talk of the town” and “Billions of earned impressions” as the only result to show that our work made an impact. As one element of results it is fine. But as the only measure of impact I really start to worry what the work did to the consumer or the brand.

How do you see the state of creativity in Asia in general?

There is just so much cultural nuance in the creative work we see in this region. The diversity of how creative thinking and culture marry together is what is truly exciting. There is no one definition or type of creativity. An idea from Japan might get many from other regions going “I don’t get it.” But it works for that market and its consumers. It challenges us as jurors I think to really get to know every part of the region deeply.

What future innovations are you excited about that will enhance creative thinking?

Let’s talk about AI here. I don’t fundamentally see AI as a great killer of creativity or leading us to sacrifice creativity. But in fact, I see it as the great equalizer of creativity. AI applied right will fundamentally take care of the cognitive load that can sometimes hinder creativity. When you no longer have to make sense of volumes of data to get to the why behind something happening, you can focus on the how – how you will think, create and innovate.

For all the details on speakers and events at Spikes Asia 2018, visit www.spikes.asia

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