Raya Ni Saya Rindu

The ‘Raya Ni Saya Rindu’ (‘This Eid, I Miss) campaign was an internal initiative by Lion & Lion to give back to the community. Muslim migrant workers make up a large part of the labour force in Malaysia. Most come from rural towns in Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangladesh and look forward to the festival of Eid-Al-Fitr or Eid. Many of them are unable to return home for the occasion because they cannot afford the flight back or because of travel restrictions caused by COVID-19. Lion & Lion wanted to extend this year’s Eid festivities to those migrant workers based in Malaysia, as well as their loved ones residing in their respective home countries. This is because we believe that everyone should be able to celebrate Eid regardless of their nationality.

Planning & Execution

We partnered with fintech company BigPay to sponsor free cashback when migrant workers sent duit raya using the app's international transfer feature. Our three-day campaign was launched on TikTok, the most-used social platform for our target audience. Although TikTok is normally used to share fun content, we decided to share emotional stories in the languages of our audience to capture attention. Each emotional story drove our audience to our TikTok channel, which showed them how easy it is to use BigPay’s international transfer feature to send money to their loved ones back home for free. Doing so also meant our audience getting MYR50 cashback for them to enjoy and celebrate Eid with.

Effectiveness / Results

We kicked off our campaign on Labour Day, the eve of Eid-Al-Fitr, and in just three days, our TikTok account gained 1,300 followers, most of whom hailed from Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangladesh. With 5,580 likes, and an estimated 46,000 views in total, our videos were widely shared and our message of celebrating Eid without borders reached the right eyes and ears. Most importantly, the BigPay app recorded a 33% growth in remittances to the countries of our target audience. Ultimately, through a money transfer app, we made it easy for migrant workers to send money to their loved ones back home.

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