Team Unstoppable

Situation: GenMZ are increasingly actively involved in global, social and political causes - and are choosing to align themselves only with people, products and brands that embody their beliefs and passion.

Big problem: Samsung's affinity with this generation requires improvement especially with a strong competitor like Apple.

How do we elevate Samsung to be the preferred brand, one that has impressive product innovation and a brand with a purpose, a brand that's in-touch with society's most pressing social causes – causes Gen MZ find relevant as well?

Planning & Execution

Insight: Brands put up corporate vision and mission stories / CSR efforts which Gen MZ can see through if unauthentic. It's not enough for brands to simply curate stories, we need to co-create new ones with Gen MZ and involve them.

Solution: Bringing together a team of true brand ambassadors with real stories of breaking barriers, who are giving back and inspiring GenMZ to take action together with Samsung.

Effectiveness / Results

Overall, the campaign witnessed a significant improvement in performance versus the previous year and overdelivered across all KPIs.

The campaign:

  • Reached 604 million users (220% above KPI)

  • Received 1,407 million impressions (244% above KPI)

  • Received 770 million views (606% above KPI)

  • Generated 302k views on UGC content (293% above KPI)

The campaign also had a positive brand impact measured through Brand Lift Study (BLS)

  • Ad recall increased across the board in the markets (11.2% in Vietnam, 5.8% in Indonesia and 6.3% in the Philippines)

  • Brand awareness increased by approximately 2% across all the markets

  • Brand recommendations and positive uplift also increased across the markets, especially in Vietnam (5.3%) and the Philippines (5.5%)

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