Love is Diverse

Launch new life insurance policy that expands the criteria of who the policy holder can identify as their beneficiary, beyond legal spouse or immediate offspring. Among the first of its kind, this policy also follows the brand’s repositioning of its Insurance arm as HSBC Life.

Campaign objective is to raise awareness of this new policy by building context that resonates among target audiences, meanwhile, raising brand awareness of HSBC Life and its new positioning.

Planning & Execution

In a time when society is evolving and challenging the way our laws define commitment, HSBC rebrands its insurance category as HSBC Life. Its first order of business is to be the first to expand the beneficiary definition of its life insurance policies, to include same-sex couples, de-facto couples, grandchildren, grandparents, and adopted children, among other relationships. In doing so, HSBC Life challenges the status quo in Hong Kong, giving a megaphone to the voices who seek to revolutionize the meaning of ‘family’. Our brief was to introduce and promote this new service offered by HSBC Life. So, we decided to drive awareness by activating social media fans to join us in our efforts, creating a clear path for people to celebrates today’s “modern families” in Hong Kong.

Our objectives were to ensure that people realize promises are not exclusive to those within the traditional family unit, and that everyone has a right to decide who to protect and to keep the promises they make. We wanted to celebrate and bring awareness to the “modern families” of Hong Kong and those people who are brave enough to stand up for those they love. In doing so, we would reinforce HSBC Life’s position, not just as an insurance leader, but as a trailblazer that understands and cares for its consumers and their interests.

The target audience was citizens in Hong Kong who were interested in buying life insurance, but who fell outside the traditional family unit. The main objective, however, was to raise awareness and drive interest about the new HSBC Life product. Our approach was to use real stories to communicate that HSBC understands that promises matter, no matter what relationship you’re in. Interviewees shared personal stories about how the new offering allows them to name their “non-traditional” partner as their beneficiary. We wanted to inspire audiences by exposing various non-traditional family dynamics: adopted children, LGBT couple, cohabitees, and kinship care (grandparents – grandchildren). Whilst overall establishing a new norm that people have the right to choose who they protect.

Social media is often the only platform for marginalized members of the community to feel confident enough to share their voice. Therefore, these interview videos were shared on Facebook and YouTube to encourage and remind the target audience that their voices matter and need to be heard.

Raw data from Facebook Insights was downloaded and cleaned to allow the calculation of total engagements and engagement rate, including reach.

Effectiveness / Results


  • Total reach of video series across Facebook and YouTube: 2,225,363

  • Engagement:

    • Total engagement of video series: 53,516

    • Top engagement rate: 11.03%

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