Donation wallpaper gives a charity new life in Taiwan

INSPIRATION STATION: Leo Burnett designed a special collection of cellphone wallpapers for McDonald’s with a barcode that donates to its charity whenever you buy something.

In Taiwan, every receipt you get is also a ticket for the  government’s Receipt Lottery, with prizes ranging from NT$200 (US$6.50)  to NT$10 million (US$327K). 

Many people, especially Gen Z, prefer to drop these receipts into donation boxes which is a major source of income for charities like Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC). However, with the rise of digital payments, paper receipts disappeared together with these donations of lottery tickets.

Leo Burnett’s new phone wallpaper design transforms receipts from lottery tickets into an e-donation platform, potentially paving the way for the future transformation of all charities. Drawing inspiration from phone case customisation culture, Leo Burnett collaborated with local new media artists to create 35 customised wallpaper designs featuring barcodes. When scanned at any cashier after buying something, it automatically donates the digital receipt lottery ticket to RMHC.

Wallpaper for good:


Since the launch of Donation Wallpaper, making every transaction in any store an opportunity to donate to RMHC, RMHC has witnessed a huge spike in online donation growth. Wallpaper downloads have skyrocketed, with a 190% increase in cloud receipt growth and a 125% surge in engagement rate.

People love the smart designs and find the process “super easy". More wallpapers will be unveiled throughout the year to make the invisible visible and donations more accessible than ever.

“Gen Z can’t live without their phone, and the screen they see most of all is their mobile phone wallpaper. With this in mind, we came up with an idea that makes receipt donation impossible to ignore – every time someone wakes up their phone, it’s a reminder to do good, ” added Jin Yang, creative partner at Leo Burnett Taiwan.

Brand: McDonald’s Taiwan
Agency: Leo Burnett Taiwan
Creative Partner: Jin Yang
Creative Director: Parris Chou
Associate Creative Director: Kenji Ho
Senior Copywriter: DavidDW Huang
Account Vice President: Ruby Shen
Senior Account Directors: Betty Yang, NicoleCH Lin
Senior Account Executive: PennyCP Wang
Senior Strategy Director: Roger Hong
Senior Strategist: LilyLH Kuo
Producer: Evans Kao
CCO, Publicis Groupe APAC MEA: Natalie Lam
Head of Creative Excellence, Publicis Groupe APAC MEA: Jason Williams
Head of Creative Technology, Publicis Groupe APAC MEA: Laurent Thevenet
Head of Design, Publicis Groupe Hong Kong: Marcin Brzezinski

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