Strategic consultation and narrative development for Hyundai across the ASEAN region

Identifying anxiety around EV adoption as the main challenge for communications to tackle, Hyundai Motor Asia Pacific Headquarter) entrusted Klikpr to design specific and targeted PR narratives and campaigns to answer concerns toward range, charging infrastructure, and more. The agency had to have the capacity to craft strategic umbrella narratives aimed at strengthening the company’s positioning and mindshare as the leading mobility innovator in the region. At the same time, these umbrella narratives had to be broad enough to be paired with local insights, repurposed and broken down for use in individual markets across ASEAN. The agency was also tasked with building relationships with region-wide media.

Planning & Execution

Klikpr’s work with Hyundai Motor Asia Pacific Headquarter was strategic in nature and aimed to address the brand’s needs and challenges regionally. We designed the implementation of each campaign creatively to ensure a relevant and impactful communication journey. To address the mentioned brief, the agency formulated and implemented unique and forward-thinking campaign strategies for various key regional activities of Hyundai Motor ASEAN HQ, such as Future Mobility School, the Hyundai IONIQ 5 ASEAN Tour, and others. Recognizing the importance of endorsement by a credible third party, the agency also developed op-ed pieces with automotive and mobility experts to dispel anxieties surrounding EV adoption.

Effectiveness / Results

Our work with Hyundai Motor Asia Pacific Headquarter mostly revolved around high-level strategizing at the regional level, where we played a crucial role in driving high-quality articles and thought leadership to achieve the desired communications results: convincing the general public that EVs are the future, and that Hyundai is more than just a car manufacturer, but rather a pioneer committed to the betterment of humanity.

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