The Birds and The Bees

One of the top searched questions found online, which reflects how there are still quite a few of Thai teenagers who lack of understanding about sexual knowledge In Thai society, sex is rarely discussed. Most teenagers and parents still embarrassed to talk to each other. Even asking friends or looking up on Internet. there is no auarantee that those answers are correct in accordance with principle of sex education. According to the statistic of Thai teenager, the unwanted pregnancy problem has ranked as second in ASEAN excluding the sexuall transmitted disease. ONETOUCH is a condom brand that want to be part of helping prevent the unwanted pregnancy and the sexually transmitted disease and reduce problem by providing the correct knowledge about sex.

Planning & Execution

Keywords Strategy is the key success of this campaign.

We use the most searched keywords related to the sexual questions and turn them into the branded VDO that we created into 40 episodes.

Once people search in Google or Youtube, they will see "Sex Education 101 by ONETOUCH" which gives them exactly what they want to know. This Q&A game show allows the audience to join the show by asking questions,s and we will have "Deerlong" - Thai creator, and "Dr. Fern" - An expert sexually transmitted disease, to provide a positive attitude and accurate knowledge about sex questions.

Effectiveness / Results

  • 2.6M Organic Views

  • 108,391 Hours of watch time

  • 1,589 Total Comments

  • 5,300% organic subscribers are increasing

  • 0$ Campaign Budget on YouTube only

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