CHAUMET Tiara Dream Exhibition – Sanlitun, Beijing

The purpose of the event was to:

  • Further communicate Chaumet’s brand equity and jewelry expertise in contemporary China

  • Engage the next generation and bring them into Chaumet’s world

  • Raise awareness and drive online/offline traffic to exhibition

Planning & Execution

Developed a 360-degree communications plan that lasted a month and a half and included several event waves.

The three key strategy pillars were:

1. Celebrity matrix:

  • Built up a matrix of celebrity endorsements alongside their three main brand ambassadors (Lay Zhang, Gao Yuanyuan, and Nana Ouyang). Each brand ambassador narrated one theme of the exhibition and highlighted different pieces. These celebrities covered three generations: post-80s, post-90s, and post-00s.

2. Digital focus:

  • Drive as many digitally focused messages as possible across all platforms to attract a mass audience to Chaumet’s exhibition; and at the same time, limit the potential risk of negative COVID-19 impacts on offline visits.

3. Vertical community involvement:

  • Engage dynamic communities – including artists, cultural pioneers, fashionistas and young talent from selected top universities – to convey the exhibition's storytelling and Chaumet’s brand identity through various lenses reaching different online and offline touchpoints.

Execution key figures:

1. Event:

  • 300 media/KOLs invited to the opening day event;

  • 10 special offline sessions hosted by KOLs/influencers;

2. Assets:

  • Over 10 official videos were created for the whole publicity period;

  • Four press releases/features were created and published;

  • 3. Publicity:

    • A matrix of more than 50 media outlets/KOLs generated in-depth content
    • Effectiveness / Results

      Total impression:
      Over 366 million PV across multi-digital platforms

      Digital tool PV:
      2.5 million

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