Love for City Guardian, Protect Her Against the Sun

While COVID-19 has been spreading all over the world, China has succeeded in effectively controlling it. Everything is gradually back to normal thanks to the achievements of health professionals. However, some of the city guardians such as cleaners, couriers and bus drivers, who play important roles in maintaining the city order, especially female workers, contributions are easily overlooked.

On the special day of May 20th (520 has a similar pronunciation of 'I love you' in Chinese), Clarins kicked off a campaign to show caring for those female outdoor workers, named 'Love for City Guardian, Protect Her Against the Sun'. On this day, caring stations on the streets were set up to send special gifts to these female workers.

The campaign has dramatically enhanced the emotional bonding with consumers, and the comprehensive effects of the new sunscreen product, Clarins UV Plus, were engagingly highlighted.

Planning & Execution


  • Strengthen positive brand image as a responsible corporation in China.

  • Increase brand preference and loyalty.


  • Some urban public service female workers must work under the sun, but they lack sun protection awareness, such as cleaners, couriers and bus drivers.

The research results:

  • The public is increasingly paying attention to urban public service workers, especially during COVID-19. Among them, a lot are female workers, but they are often overlooked.

  • This group of women workers must work under the sun. However, they lack sun protection awareness.

  • The proportion of women from public service workers is increasing. Since 2020, the number of newly registered female drivers in China has exceeded 265,0001.

  • According to SF Express2's employment statistics in 2019, the proportion of female drivers is nearing 10% in China3. Moreover, in the urban sanitation and cleaning industry, women workers account for over 80% of the workforce.

1. Didi Digital Platform and Women's Ecology Research Report
2. SF Express is one of the leading logistics companies around the world
3. SF Express's employment statistics in 2019

Love for City Guardian, Protect Her Against the Sun:
Set up caring stations all over the city and deliver gifts to women city guardians.

Release posters on Clarins official platforms to recruit public stories -- a lot of consumers shared their own touching moments and supported the campaign.

The Big Day:

  • A human-sized Clarins ‘Little White Shield Doll’ is created as a visual icon to interact with female city guardians, as well as sending gifts to them, which turned out to be a very popular icon.

  • Caring stations, both mobile and fixed, were set up all around the city, covering women couriers, drivers, cleaners, community volunteers, etc. …

Effectiveness / Results

  • Pre-event posters caused in-depth discussions, with exposure of 329,800 and engagement of 2,500 on Clarins official platforms.

  • The documentary posted on Clarins’ official accounts received consistent high praise, alongside comments on Weibo, Red and WeChat official accounts, obtained a considerable amount of likes and forwards. Only a week after its release, the official account exposures reached more than 2,852,900 and the total exposure from all platforms reached 36,690,000.

  • Clarins Official Weibo account gained over 30,000 forwards.

  • Numerous touching stories were collected from consumers who highly support the campaign and share them on their own social platforms.

  • The emotional bonding with consumers has been dramatically enhanced, and the brand image has been strengthened.

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