Founded in 1985, Vinda is a leading Chinese personal hygiene company listed in Hong Kong. Vinda’s nine key brands fit into four core business segments – tissues, incontinence, baby and feminine care. From a local start-up to a multinational corporation, Vinda has had the largest market share in the industry since 2017. With increased growth and nearly 13,000 employees in China, Vinda identified an opportunity to better internally communicate their philosophy of a “Healthy Lifestyle Starts with Vinda,” and their vision of being the top personal hygiene company in Asia. As their staff comprise of a wide range of age groups, lifestyles and interests, Vinda urgently needed to find common ground to engage with employees and instil pride in providing high-quality personal hygiene products and services.

Planning & Execution

The agency conducted a three-month research project with internal feedback from human resources and other departments, which provided powerful insights to launch a unique internal communications channel.


  • Connect and engage all employees

  • Enhance the corporate philosophy and share the corporate vision

  • Develop a unique internal communications channel to deliver timely company information and interactive messages

  • Convert Vinda employees into brand ambassadors, with pride and strong ownership of the company


  • Staff in all departments nationwide, from 18 to 60 years old

  • Long-time employees (some with 25+ years’ experience)

  • New employees and trainees

The research results:
Staff were interested in:

  • Self-related benefits, such as gift incentives

  • Industrial trends as well as seasonal and social hot topics

  • Interactive and shareable content, such as online games with score rankings

Best time for dissemination:

  • Early morning: news and announcements

  • Late afternoon: Interactive posts and case study sharing

100% of the company staff use WeChat as their daily communication tool, and most open and stay on WeChat for 81 minutes a day (source: Chinese Mobile Internet Annual Report 2017).


  • Develop an exclusive internal WeChat communications channel with an identity that will give staff a sense of belonging.

Specifically the channel will:

  • Create interactive and informative activities, in addition to corporate information

  • Leverage seasonal and social hot topics

  • Provide incentives to encourage staff to share content and become brand ambassadors

Created Vindapedia, an exclusive Vinda WeChat enterprise account. Designed fun HTML5 (H5) games, comics and greeting cards with social and seasonal hot topics to cater for staff with common interests. Incentives were given to encourage staff to participate and share.

Vinda Interactive Online Games

  • Seasonal H5 games with attractive incentives were posted throughout 2017 to attract staff participation, encourage content sharing and showcase a positive corporate image.

Vinda Theme Comics and Greeting Cards

  • Comics and greeting cards were designed with Vinda elements to increase a sense of belonging among staff.

Vinda Weekly Posts
Set up regular columns for different working days, including:

  • Official news updates, corporate information

  • Introducing different Vinda departments

  • General information

  • Interesting case studies

Vinda Moments

  • Leverage staff’s individual WeChat Moments, a personal sharing platform, one of the most influential platforms for teams.

  • Encourage employees to deliver positive company messages by posting a special Vinda Moment on how Vinda products lead to a better life.


  • Vinda Interactive Online Games

In addition to launching each game, company news and updates were announced at the same time
Five H5 Games were designed for 2017 and 2018:

  • Mid-Autumn Festival – Moon Drawing competition: prizes for top 20 players

  • New Year – Countdown competition: prizes for top 15 players

  • Spring Festival – Lucky Money competition: prizes for top 20 players

  • Elite in Vinda of the Season/Year: Employees upload their impressive Vinda stories and create a specific poster via H5. The winner of Elite in Vinda has their post displayed publicly.

The promotion for the competitions was divided into four stages over one week. For example: the New Year post started with the Vinda Annual Breaking News inventory, an annual summary of Vinda, reviewing the achievements in 2017. An H5 QR code was placed at the end of the post, introducing the game rules and prizes. Continual reminders during the week by text messages, articles and QR code were sent to encourage participation. Excitement and urgency was built up with a last chance reminder one hour before the deadline. A specially designed poster of the award-winning list was posted on Vindapedia to increase engagement and sharing.

  • Vinda Theme Comics and Greeting Cards

Vinda products in all segments were personified and depicted as a fun “Vinda family.” These were used in the design of the comics and greeting cards. Staff enjoyed the Vinda family in the comics and reposted them. Festival greeting cards were sent with special greetings from Vinda.

  • Vinda Weekly Posts

Four regular columns were set up on Vindapedia during the week: 1) Monday: Vinda News ‒ official news and company updates 2) Wednesday: Vinda Legend ‒ introducing a Vinda department such as marketing or brand. 3) Thursday: Vinda Information ‒ case studies of offline brand promotions 4) Friday: Vinda Class ‒ latest case studies from marketing or sales.

  • Vinda Moments

  • A series of nine themed pictures were designed to encourage employees to post a specific Moment on Vinda products that lead people to a better life. Example: to advocate the aspiration by China’s President Xi Jinping “Always regard people's yearning for a better life as a goal of struggle” (The 19th CPC National Congress)

    Effectiveness / Results

    Vindapedia was a great success and quickly became a popular platform. Six months after the launch, it gained 12,576 followers, 99% of all employees.

    • The post with the highest click rate reached 95% of the staff

    • As of 1st March 2018: there had been 95 posts, with more than 98,000-page views

    • The seasonal online interactions generated 16,112 page views with 10,478 unique visits.

    • The average click rate of interactive posts increased exponentially from 10% to 95%.

    • A random staff survey indicated that more than 80% of the staff enjoyed the content on Vindapedia

    Feedback from Vinda
    “As our integrated operation and creative planning team, the agency constructed a humanized and clear operating frame for Vinda’s WeChat enterprise account. They utilized ‘Vindapedia’ as an instant internal message speaker to ensure the synergy of the integration of enterprise information. They also designed a series of interactive online games, which were participated in, and highly recommended by, the staff. Those games were indeed a platform for the enterprise to enhance staff identity and sense of belonging. ‘Vindapedia’ was a good role model for the WeChat enterprise accounts run by other departments.”
    ——Mr. Tom Tang, Marketing President, Vinda International Holdings Limited

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