Cherries from Chile CNY Super Luck Draw

Every year in China, from December to February, it is the Chilean cherries seasons. Cherries are a favourite among consumers, not only for their nutritious value but also for their symbol. Their red colour symbolises success, happiness and love, and their round shape illustrates family members and friends reunions. Cherries are a perfect match for Chinese New Year celebrations, which happen during the same period. The client requested a special promotion to boost sales and duration of campaign as 2021 Chinese New Year happen earlier in the season.

Planning & Execution

PLTFRM came up with "Cherries from Chile CNY Super Lucky Draw" a nationwide cross-platform promotion mechanism. Implemented 3 days after the briefing, all majors digital and traditional retailers joined and promoted the program.

Effectiveness / Results

The result was an online presence boom for Cherries from Chile, a 40% increase in sales volume, and sales duration extended for three weeks.
Within a week, the promotion generated more than 400 million views, reached the top 10 Weibo hot topic positions, and generated above 37,000 participants. It won digital sales volume growth before the Chinese New Year and even extended the sales duration period.

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