Ariel – Sons #ShareTheLoad

Third leg of the movement- Share The Load. Ariel brand believes in the progress and empowerment of women, because women are the backbone of our society. #ShareTheLoad is not a campaign, it’s a movement to bring a change in the society.

This year, Ariel wanted to focus on another root cause of this prejudice, on Raising the children. Within the same progressive households, there is often a difference in the way our sons and daughters are being raised.

Planning & Execution

Key Objectives

  • With ShareTheLoad 3, Ariel urges mothers to be changemakers to drive household equality and raise their sons to be capable of #Sharing the Load. This year, Ariel wanted to bring about change and reignite the social conversation on household inequality by asking yet another pertinent question: Are we teaching our sons, what we’ve been teaching our daughters?

  • With Ariel, it is very easy to start sharing the load. With its’ superior performance, anyone can do laundry and get the best results.

  • With the belief that mothers have a strong empathetic point of view, Ariel urges mothers to be the changemakers of the society and hence relook at the way they raise their sons!

  • Other startling insights from the survey to support the conversation:

- 74% Of Women have to think twice about accepting a promotion or additional responsibility at work due to the impact on household work
- 68% of Indian men believe that weekends are for relaxation, while 72% Of Women believe that weekends are for grocery shopping, laundry and getting homework done.
- Even now, 52% Of Men think household chores are a woman’s job and ‘outside’ work is man’s job.
- 61% Of Men feel too tired to take up any household work after work, but 68% Of Women come back from work and do laundry regularly
- 40% Of Indian men don’t even know how to operate a washing machine.
- 5 out of 10 Men don’t do laundry as they never saw their fathers do it.

*Survey conducted by Nielsen, supported by Ariel with 897 respondents across Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore

Strategy- 3-fold strategy

1. Create Recall

2. Launch and create buzz around the campaign- Promoting the latest campaign thought/ video across all verticles and trigger conversation and drive change - PR, events, social media, Influencers, Marketing associations etc.

3. Sustain the buzz and culmination- Brand collaborations, concept driven events, Pan India approach was used to sustain the buzz. The final culmination saw Ariel attempting the Guinness World Records for the largest laundry lesson imparted to 400 sons at one given point of time.

Ideas and tactics
1. Launch with a Panel Discussion
2. Mommy Bloggers Meet- around 100 Mommy bloggers participated
3. Topical integrations- On Women’s Day, we celebrated the contribution of mothers who have taught their sons to #ShareTheLoad
4. Tie-up with Navneet Prakashan to develop gender equal colouring books.
5. Launch on SON-Day, converting every Sunday in a month into an opportunity to learn to #ShareTheLoad.
6. Ariel also tied up with highest reach commute touch point, auto rickshaws in Maharashtra to spread the message
7. Ariel partnered with Hello English app- English learning app
8. Ariel also partnered with Thrive Global India to spread the message of gender equality within households.
9. Enabling action within homes, Ariel curated a hamper of household items that aid or remind you to #ShareTheLoad.
10. Ensuring that the festival of Holi is joyous for everyone, Ariel partnered with Whirlpool and Modern Retail chains Big Bazaar and Metro Cash & Carry to give men a crash course in doing laundry
11. In a historic celebration of the culmination of their latest campaign Sons #ShareTheLoad, Ariel India attempted and achieved a Guinness World Records certificate by imparting the Largest laundry lesson to sons of today

Effectiveness / Results

Winning with the Movement:

  • In 2015, when we launched STL, 79% men thought household chores are a women’s job. In 2016, this number had dropped to 63%. In 2018, this number has reduced to 52%.

  • Marc Pritchard, Procter & Gamble's global chief brand officer, at the gender equality panel at World Economic Forum in Davos

  • The Sons#ShareTheLoad Movement garnered 73MM views nationally!

  • Approx. reach within TG – 80%

  • Total no. of conversations – 45000

  • Sentiment – 98% Positive and neutral

  • Other brands joined in the cause to show their solidarity towards household equality.

Winning with the society:

  • More men today are sharing the load than ever before.

Winning with Business:

  • Increasing scores on key equites

  • For the 1st time ever, Ariel was ranked among Brand Equity’s 10 Most Trusted Brands (#7 vs #44 ya)

  • Impact across Path to Purchase:

  • UBA (Unaided Brand Awareness) increase 13% - pre-STL vs after STL

  • Consideration increase 21% - pre-STL vs after STL

  • Offtake (sales) increase 125 IYA on value

  • Penetration up 11% vs Year ago

  • Share up 11% vs Year ago with all states growing share

  • Engagement rate increases 5X (STL vs non STL posts)

Winning with PR -

  • 45 cities in India were activated to spread the campaign and generate media coverage.

  • Various mommy communities were tapped to spread the message to moms who are the real changemakers of the society- Babychakra, Universe of Mumbai Moms, Kidsstoppress, Momspresso, First Moms Club.

  • #ShareTheLoad equality kit was distributed to bloggers who in turn did social media posts thus triggering conversation.

  • Celebrity interviews were done to spread the message and campaign.

  • COVERAGE SUMMARY TOTAL PR Value in Dollars, INR (in 000’s) TOTAL Impressions
    Total impressions (to date) 6,129.63 (USD) 1.5 Bn.
    99,039 (INR)

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