ThinkVision 15th Anniversary B2C Global Social Campaign

The hardcore B2B tech brand first approach to click through B2C

Lenovo has been designing computer monitors for business use under the ThinkVision brand for 15 years. They offer full-function ergonomic stands, high performance specifications, multiple connectivity options and great value pricing. Over this time, it had exclusively used a channel marketing approach to communications giving its distributors all of the information and collaterals they needed to sell the product to their customers. Now in its anniversary year, it was time to think differently about ThinkVision marketing. Lenovo wanted to create a global brand enhancement program for ThinkVision that would connect directly with business customers and help drive sales with its distributors.


Our brief presented some significant challenges:

  • First, ThinkVision monitors are very practical devices so we would need a creative approach to solicit an emotional response from our audiences.

  • Next, our target geography was vast stretching across US, Europe and Asia and encompassing multitudes of cultures.

  • Finally, the desired change of approach from channel to direct to customer marketing had to be delivered within a tight budget framework that was best suited to tactical B2B approaches. Rather than see this as a hinderance, this needed to be embraced to shape an impactful, cost effective strategy.


Our goal was to convince business leaders and purchasing decision makers that Lenovo ThinkVision was the right choice for their businesses. We also wanted to drive traffic to the official brand landing page for further information to follow the path to purchase. Our message also needed to be powerful enough to convince B2B distributors to take on ThinkVision.

Planning & Execution

Clicking the Same Vision of our Professional Targets


We realized a commonality among business leaders and entrepreneurs round the world irrespective of the industries they work in. They are often driven by a higher purpose than money; they want to make their mark and bring about change either to their industry, their communities or their planet. This delivered our big idea: A Simple Vision for The Betterment of People’s Lives.


The global nature of the brief made social media the natural channel of choice for message delivery as it would allow us to get right under the noses of our target audience with an easy call-to-action without the need for heavy lifting media relations. We would use social media video to demonstrate how simple product features can transform daily tasks to bring about impactful change. Rather than a one-off promotion we would create a sustained storytelling creative platform with three videos sharing a common message and each heroing the 15th anniversary edition for cumulative effect. Finally, we would leverage influencers and media buy to amplify our reach.

Some of the biggest and most demanding users of high-performance professional computer monitors are from the design, medical and financial industries. Explaining the needs of these professionals would demonstrate to a much wider audience why the choice of computer monitor can make such a difference.

A Simple Vision – for the Betterment of People’s Lives

We created three social videos each presenting real-life stories of selected influencers from each sector who have strong will to bring betterment to people’s lives through their work and for whom the computer monitor of choice is fundamental to the outcome of their work. Our influencers were:

1. Shuhei Aoyama - a famous Japanese architect who insists on the simplicity of design and believes i improvements in quality of life can be achieved without the constraints of size of living space.
2. Dr. Chris Neely – a medical advisor to Orbis International, the global vision-saving NGO, which has built the largest digital learning and training platform for eye doctors in developing countries.
3. Scott Sue, Chief Technology Officer at global fintech company Celer Technology - competing in one of the fastest-growing industry sectors in the world today.

The videos were pushed out via Lenovo’s website and global branded social channels on Facebook, Weibo and WeChat. Lenovo's local offices in major markets like the US, UK, Germany, Japan, Thailand and India which had invested in the program also shared the content via their local Facebook & YouTube channels. Participating influencers also shared the content on their social media feeds as did Lenovo’s distributor network.

Effectiveness / Results

The Visionary Campaign Pursued Breakthrough Results

Like ThinkVision monitors, the results of the campaign were crystal clear. Over the campaign period shipments of ThinkVision premium products more than doubled year-on-year. The 15th Anniversary model was out of stock before the campaign ended leading to pre-order queues for future deliveries. Even more significantly, the sales team received record breaking enquiries from current Apple and Samsung users.

Influencer uplift tapped support across Orbis’ global network of 220,000 donors, 440,000 fans of Shuhei Aoyama’s social pages, tenants of WeWork global network where Celer Technology is based as well as 100,000 Lenovo staff and distributors.

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