Tang – Touch of Magic

Over the past decade, Tang has become synonymous with powdered beverages in Pakistan. It is known to be the most refreshing and sought-after drink during summer and Ramadan. However, with the fall in consumption of Tang post-summers, the brand decided to work on a strategy that would increase consumption of Tang from only summers to through out the year. With fierce competition in the drinks sector, Tang had not made its way into the world of aggressive brands. It was mainly seen by consumers as a mellow, homely brand that provided refreshment in summers. The brand outlined two business objectives:
- Increase consumption
- Generate trial

Planning & Execution


The aim was to evolve from the common practice of mixing powdered beverages in water only and to create awareness about the different ways in which Tang can be consumed.

Tang resonates most with female homemakers and young mothers devoted to catering to the needs of every family member. Insights revealed that they put a great deal of thought into food preparation, trying out exciting and innovative recipes for their children, especially those that are quick and easy to follow. We identified a key decision-making point in a home-maker's life; the dilemma of what to cook every day. They were on the constant lookout for innovative, easy and quick recipes since the number of searches for creative recipes was increasing by the day.
This opened an avenue for Tang to make its way in the arena of food and drink recipes.

At this point, Tang made its entry, with its idea of creating a series of recipe videos involving a range of Tang flavours, which were not just quick and easy, but also light on the pocket.


  • To demonstrate the usage of Tang in different recipes, we made a series of 26 digital videos portraying multiple variants of Tang as the key ingredient of refreshing cocktails and food recipes.

  • To establish credibility, we partnered with Pakistan's most influential culinary portals; ARY Zindagi and HUM Masala for Pakistan's most-followed chef, Saadat Siddiqui, and cooking maestro, Shireen Anwer for Live Facebook cooking session right before Iftar.

  • To encourage consumers to try out the recipes and create user generated content, we partnered with the biggest culinary platform on Facebook, “Karachi Chefs at Home” for an online competition as well as featuring the Tang recipes in their cook book.

  • Since TV is a mass reach medium with the highest reach we held integrations of Tang recipes on the biggest culinary TV channel, HUM Masala with Shireen Anwer. Moreover, integrations were held on live morning shows across various TV channels during the cooking segments.

  • In order to reinforce the campaign message at multiple touchpoints, Tang recipes were aired on radio as well to create a recall and as a supportive element for the entire campaign even during commute.

  • To cater to the segment of audience that vests their trust in the print medium, few selected recipes, pertaining to the season were published in Ramadan’s special supplement and Master Chef Pakistan’s magazines.

Effectiveness / Results

The recipe video campaign broke all previous records of consumer engagement in Pakistan. It received 8.7 million video views, with 53.6 million impressions throughout the Facebook campaign. Consumer engagement of 9 million was recorded during this campaign with an additional 6.3 million people taking action on the videos shared by the audience.

The social media competition on Karachi Chefs at Home generated the most astounding response with a total of 411 entries in just 3 weeks. It was a breakthrough in terms of audience engagement, as the audience had put in great effort by creating innovative recipes from scratch using Tang as a main ingredient and sharing it on the platform.

Collaboration with local portals turned out to be extremely fruitful as well, with ARY Zindagi providing a reach of 3.2 million people, 400,000+ live video views and 60,000+ reactions to the posts. Moreover, Hum Masala reached out to 3.8 million people with 50,000+ live video views and 30,000+ reactions.

The campaign proved successful for the brand as consumption occasions were extended and helped the brand achieve another milestone - Pakistan became the fastest growing tang market in the world:
- In market sales of May was $10 MM, the first time a brand has done this in a single month
- Shipment growth at 26% YTD, the highest in the world
- In market sales growth at 28% YTD, the highest in the world

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