We needed to give people a reason to choose Tigerair not as a last resort, but as their first port of call because it offered the best value. This required a re-evaluation of Tigerair’s value proposition in a market still coming to terms with low-cost flight options.

Planning & Execution

"The strategy was to make cheap a badge of honour. It’s difficult to admit, but many Australians who do choose to fly Tigerair are ashamed of their choice. We needed to make choosing Tigerair less of a statement about how much one can afford, and rather a statement about how smart you are with your money. Our strategy would achieve 3 key things: 1. We would make flying Tigerair something not to be ashamed of. 2. We would reset customer expectations about what to expect when they did fly with Tigerair. 3. We would de-position the big 3 airlines as offering false value.

The idea was to take frequent flyer club conventions and flip them to create Tigerair Infrequent Flyers Club. An integrated CRM platform that rewards people who hardly fly at all, with almost nothing to at all. Don't fly much? Join the club!

Touchpoints: A bespoke CRM platform, Infrequent Flyers Club, was created to deliver great value deals to customers directly. Launched through owned and earned channels eg. mainsteam outlets, airline industry publications, air-travel forums, social media, and leveraged on sponsorship with Melbourne Strom Rugby League team. A fully integrated media campaign that included digital display, social, radio, cinema and outdoor. Sharing of weekly content was encouraged.

Effectiveness / Results

"The Infrequent Flyers Club gave Tigerair Australia a new lease on life and more importantly, delivered remarkable results:

- Half a million members
- $2 million in direct sales in the last 3 months
- 45 million target audience impressions
- Tigerair's first profitable quarter in 5 years

Despite a sub-optimal brand reputation and worrying rate of rejection, the appeal of the club was undeniable. The Infrequent Flyer Club campaign sparked a re-appraisal of Tigerair amongst a cynical audience whilst also driving sales. The campaign delivered in its first year an annualised ROI of 229%.

A brand that people once loved to hate, and only flew as a last resort, has become something people are buying into.

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