TV PPL (First Case in Korea) Promotions of Daily Soap Opera “Missing You”

- Through our services, visitors to Guam have increased by 10,000% since our first service.

- Guam Visitors Bureau was the first National Tourism Office in Korea. They opened a representative office at the Communications Korea office in 1988.
– Korean arrivals to Guam 1,250 pax in 1988

Planning & Execution

In TV PPL (first case in Korea) promotions of “Missing You”, $50,000 input resulted in $5 million exposure value.

- As a marketing & PR representative in Korea for GVB, CK has conducted numerous TV filming projects to directly show that Guam is an enjoyable destination for all possible vacationers.

- With an investment of just USD 50,000, CK has organized the filming of a KBS daily soap opera titled “Missing You” in - 1992, which resulted in the ad value of more than USD 5 million for Guam and skyrocketing Korean arrivals to the Pacific island getaway.

Effectiveness / Results

Korean arrivals to Guam 1,250 pax in 1988
-> over 130,000 pax in 2002 which is a 100 times increase

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