The Do Network

•Lenovo is known for ThinkPad product which is usually used by Business market, so Lenovo as a brand itself familiar with “Serious Product for Laptop & PC”
•We are also requested that this campaign can develop numbers on Opportunity to Buy for the product
•Campaign must be a fans generator for Facebook Lenovo Indonesia

Planning & Execution

What we do:
•We initiate a tactical digital campaign “The Do Network”, which involve netizens, not just to generate ideas, but continue to put them into measurable actions.

Effectiveness / Results

Overall Result :
* Rank 4 - The Best Marketing PR Campaign Mix Magazine, Oct 2012
•#LenovoStyle got 983.364 Impressions and interact with 99 tweets about it.

•Total pageviews : 4.683. Total entries : 843 entries > it was achieved than targeted KPI of 200 entries.

•Ad Banner at contributes 1.343.864 Impressions, 1.048 Clicks and 0,08% CTR

•Advertorial live at 13 March 2013. From 13 March 2013 until 01 April 2013, total views the article is 146 views.

•245 clicks contributed from total of 10 tweets from Sonia Erica and 418 clicks generated from total of 10 tweets of @myARTasya

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