Clé De Peau Launching Event

Clé De Peau Beauté is the most prestige brand in Shiseido Group. The brand name itself means the key to skin’s beauty with the philosophy is to unlock the power of a woman’s radiance. Coming to Vietnam for the first time, the two events including The press conference to launch “Power of Radiance” program in Vietnam and The launching event of Enhancing Eye Contour Cream Supreme & Vitality-Enhancing Eye Mask Supreme conveyed the mission of the brand that intelligence is a great source of inner power that makes women alluring, helps them radiant in glory and inspire people around them positively.

Planning & Execution

The press conference to launch “Power of Radiance” program in Vietnam
Clé De Peau Beauté believes that every woman possesses an infinite potential. Once unlocked, the potential will develop into strength and help them realize a beautiful, happy, meaningful life. That is also the reason why intelligence is one of Clé De Peau Beauté's core values. Naturally, Clé De Peau Beauté’s core value for its long-term corporate social activity lies in education. Following the success of this program launched globally in Tokyo, Japan in March, the “Power of Radiance” program in Vietnam seeks to contribute to the development and create opportunities for many girls and women to shine in our society, to honor inspirational women whose advocacy for education has led to positive long-term impact on life.
The press conference also gave the program’s contributors and speakers a chance to share their thoughts on education as well as goodwill of this program in term of making positive influence for a better society in Vietnam.

The launch of Enhancing Eye Contour Cream Supreme & Vitality-Enhancing Eye Mask Supreme
At the same day, Clé De Peau Beauté organized Enhancing Eye Contour Cream Supreme and Vitality-Enhancing Eye Mask Supreme Launching event under the theme of “Dancing with the light”. Clé De Peau Beauté believes that light is always in every woman and is the source of energy that brings radiance. In the daily life, the energy and colorful beauty are always felt from light of the eyes - the window of the soul which always opens up to receive the fresh energy everyday.
Coming with the impressive launch of the two products, the fully immersive experiences was presented through four main chapters blending numerous kinds of charming but powerful dance and lighting visual: Kinetic dance, interactive duet performance, mirror Tango performance, acrobat dance. The whole performance was not only an art, but also relevant to celebrating the beauty of radiance, once again presented the Clé De Peau Beauté’s philosophy about unlocking the power of a woman’s radiance and exceeded the expectation of all audiences.

Effectiveness / Results

The two events were carefully organized plan along with brought fully immersive performance providing spectators an engaging way to explore the radiance world. Pursuant to that, Clé De Peau Beauté drove awareness and understanding of longer-lasting relationship with esteemed guests.

There were the first products that Clé De Peau Beauté will donate some money to build schools for children living in mountainous areas, as society commitment of the brand.

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