How ANX Leverages PR Newswire's Media Network For A Successful Product Launch

ANX International, a financial technology (FinTech) startup based in Hong Kong, collaborated with PR Newswire, the world’s leading provider of news release distribution and multimedia platforms, to announce the exciting launch of its new ANX Blockchain Services (ABS).

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Planning & Execution

When mapping out its marketing plan, one of the challenges ANX faced was the lack of knowledge and interest among general public regarding blockchain technology. Recognizing the importance of generating more awareness and sharing industry knowledge, the ANX team turned to PR Newswire to assist with the product launch announcement. With PR Newswire’s unmatched media network, ANX was able to spread the word to the fast-growing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) community.

Effectiveness / Results

By using PR Newswire’s “China Distribution” package and targeting key media outlets in “Business”, “Electronic Commerce” and “Finance/Investment”, ANX was able to:

Distribute the release to relevant journalists from major web portals, newspapers, magazines, trade publications, blogs, radio and television stations.

Attract new audiences via PR Newswire’s industry-leading online syndication network. The release was featured on over 65 high-profile online websites in China, inclyuding Sohu (搜狐), Ifeng (凤凰新聞), TouTiao (今日头条), Yunvs (云财经), China Daily (中国日报), Txweekly (财经天下周刊), Chinacbr (商界评论), Sino-manager (经理人), and Talents Magazine (英才). The release also attracted over 850 views on PR Newswire’s website alone.

Access to the leading financial media outlets and terminals including Bloomberg, Xueqiu (雪球), Tiger Brokers (老虎股票) and Dow Jones.

Get noticed on mobile by syndicating the content on notable mobile news apps such as Tencent (手机腾讯网), Sina (手机新浪网), Baidu News (百度新闻), Xueqiu (雪球), Zaker (扎客), 163 News (网易新闻), XianGuo Reading (鲜果联播), and Yunvs (云财经).

Presence in China’s main social media portals, including WeChat, Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo, which PR Newswire has more than 800,000 subscribers and followers.

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