DW with NCS

In just 50 years, Singapore transformed from an unknown fishing village to the bustling metropolis it is today. Over these 50 incredible years, one organisation stood at the forefront of Singapore’s extraordinary modernisation - NCS.

Planning & Execution

With a broad sphere and footprint in the development of IT in Singapore, DW was tasked to create a platform that reflected this complexity and purpose, yet in a way that was logical, intuitive, and engaging.

We manufactured an embossed circular plastic plate framed right in the centre of cover of the coffee table book, overlaying a shimmering background. Embellished with tiny and relevant icons, and aptly titled “Technology Evolution”, we couldn’t have reflected the innovative works of NCS better than through this idea. One as equally as innovative.

Broken down into 13 different chapters, the book encapsulated the detailed history, success stories and prospective projects that reflected the brand of NCS. We produced the detailed write-up for every single project featured. Intricate illustrations were also created for the start of each of these chapters. Created from a blank canvas, these illustrations were a visually captivating manifestation of the different aspects in Singapore.

Delving into the rich history of NCS, we also conducted various interviews with the past and present Chairmen and CEOs of NCS and constructed a chronological narrative on the growth of NCS.

But of course, we left the best for last. The final two pages of the book comprised an elaborate pop-up – NCS’s vision of Singapore’s future. Befitting the title “Smart and Safe City”, the pop-up delineated prospective NCS innovations.

100 limited edition copies, which came with intricately designed hard cover sleeves, were distributed to notable dignitaries. These books can also be found in every library within Singapore for public viewing.

Effectiveness / Results

The extensive content and aesthetic visuals enthralled the audience and educated them on the projects NCS had been working on all these years. But of course, the key highlight of the book was the final piece - the pop-up.

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