Matthew Miller
Apr 14, 2014

You know it's bad when dogs are commenting on your bathroom habits

KOREA - Ever wonder why dogs tend to tear up toilet paper rolls? According to a new campaign for a Kleenex-made flushable wipe, they're desperately trying to send their owners a message about bathroom hygiene.

To approach the sensitive topic, Kleenex and its agency, Innored, decided to use a triple-strong combination of humour, cute animals and popular music to promote the company's MyBidet, a flushable wipe.

As dogs have a far more powerful sense of smell than humans, they would be the most likely to suffer from their owner's "stink caused by careless wipe", as a press release delicately puts it. The resulting video, a send-up of a hit song called 'Do you know', took three days of filming using high-speed cameras to capture the expressions of 30 different dogs.  

The 'Song of sad dogs' naturally has a happy ending for the canines, who manage to introduce their owners to the MyBidet product.



Creative Director: Min Seo
Art Director: SM Park
Copywriter: TJ Yun
Account Manager: MJ Choi

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