Jenny Chan 陳詠欣
May 12, 2016

Watch: Coke on the breadth and limitations of marketing 'happiness'

Campaign Asia-Pacific talks to Coca-Cola's Shakir Moin (China VP and CMO) and Rodolfo Echeverria (VP of global creative, connections and digital) about the trigger for the brand's major strategic shift: millennials do not view 'happiness' as a lofty or idealistic concept anymore.

Campaign's takeaways:

  • The way Coca-Cola was marketed according to each variant in the past was not "optimal"; so the company hopes to now maximise reach by bringing all the variants under a single brand, though it will not address the issue of unhealthy ingredients in future advertising.
  • Despite replacing its 2009 'Open Happiness' campaign with 'Taste the Feeling' this January, Coca-Cola still considers itself "more of an expert in happiness" than rival Pepsi, intepreting it as having an optimistic and positive outlook "expressed in a tighter way via little moments in everyday life".
  • Some Cannes-awarded work, despite being tear-jerking and moving, is not related to the product. In Coke's book, work is not good if it could be undersigned by any brand, rendering it forgettable. 

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