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Sep 21, 2020

TikTok spotlights Australia's creators in major campaign

Several Aussies who have built big followings feature in the 'It starts on TikTok' campaign, by brand-experience agency Akcelo.

TikTok yesterday launched an integrated campaign that urges people to 'Make it happen' on the platform, and shows several Australian content creators who have done just that. 

The campaign, made along with brand-experience agency Akcelo, launched yesterday and continues for six weeks. It includes two TVCs that will air across the major broadcast outlets in prime time, billboards and digital displays across the nation, digital video ads, digital display ads and social media.

The first TVC, above features:

  • Sarah Magusara, a 19-year-old Brisbane mum whose dance routines have won her 15 million fans—and deals with major brands.
  • Grandmother-grandson duo The Chainz Family.
  • Ash Magic, an 18-year-old Melbourne street magician with 5 million followers.

The second TVC (below) spotlights:

  • LGBTQIA makeup artist Brandon.
  • Perth-based R&B singer Jaycee.
  • Jasmine Tatai, a half-Greek, half-Sudanese 21-year-old from Melbourne.

The TVC soundtrack is 'Better Days' (Airwolf remix), by Baker Boy and Dallas Woods, featuring Sampa The Great (all are Australian musicians).

Brett Armstrong, GM of global business solutions, TikTok ANZ:

This campaign represents a major investment in building the TikTok brand with consumers locally and further driving the incredible user growth we've seen this year. Creating more opportunities for brands and advertisers to engage with Australian audiences in unique and creative ways remains our focus. Launching a major local brand campaign is a key element of our strategy, as we continue developing the TikTok platform in what is a priority market for us.

Lee Hunter, GM, TikTok ANZ:

Australia is full of talent and every day, thousands of Aussies are enjoying the thrill of seeing their video go viral on TikTok. The amazing local creators we've selected for our first-ever Australian brand campaign are as diverse as our country and have found an audience, both at home and abroad, by being their authentic selves.


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