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Jan 15, 2019

Tiger Beer shows a little more spark in Malaysia

A young man first defies and then (spoiler alert) wins over his father in an Ogilvy Malaysia campaign apparently influenced by Ad Nut (!).

A Malaysia campaign launching tomorrow for Tiger Beer tells the story of a young man whose choice to pursue his passion as a tattoo artist puts him at odds with his father's more traditional expectations.

The 'Uncage New Beginnings' campaign, timed for Chinese New Year, may seem tame to audiences in some markets. But it nonetheless represents a common and often heart-rending tension in more traditional places, where kids want to break free of the old ways without losing the respect and love of their parents. It probably won't surprise you that the old man comes around in time for Chinese New Year dinner. He even gets inked, by his son's hand of course, with the brand's tiger-head.

The last time Ad Nut mentioned Tiger Beer, it was to call the brand to task for being a bit too tame. Ad Nut had been irked by a piece of work that seemed out of place for the brand, because it played for laughs (see "The Tiger that meows politely and tries to make you laugh").

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Dear readers, it seems that Ad Nut has greater influence than Ad Nut realised. Because a few days ago, an email landed in the old oak tree, signed by representatives of Heineken Asia Pacific (owner of Tiger Beer) and Ogilvy Malaysia. The note called Ad Nut's attention to this new campaign, and expressed agreement that the brand needs to be bolder. "We too believe it’s time for Tiger to wake the f*ck up," Ad Nut's correspondents wrote. 

This work is clearly a step in the right direction. It's territory the brand has been stalking for some time (a video about a tattoo artist achored the brand's rebranding campaign in 2014). But the story is well presented, and Ad Nut's new friends reveal that the basic storyline came from real discussions with artists in the market, which is nice. The only question Ad Nut had: Are live tattoo contests a thing?

By the way, please don't think Ad Nut got the agency on that other campaign fired (Ad Nut's power has limits). Heineken Asia Pacific reports that it's happily working with both Naga DDB Tribal and Ogilvy on various projects.

That said, Ad Nut is definitely going to ask for a raise, based on this new evidence of Ad Nut's growing influence. Ad Nut will demand mixed nuts from now on—enough of this peanuts business. 


Creative Director: Jarrod Reginald, Pashyn Sethna
Copywriter: Andrew Perera
Art Director: Elaine Liao, Fung Pik Kuan, Lai Sook Ang
Managing Partner: Campbell Cannon
Group Account Director: Liew Wai Sim
Assoc. Account Director: Elaine Wong
Account Executive: Vanessa Pang
Program Director: Julie Saw
AV Director: Eric Yan
AV Producer: Loo Seng Tuck
Film Director: Al Isaac
Director of Photography: Kenz Koh
Executive Producer: Diana Tang
Producer: San Wong
Audio Production: 2AM
Post Production: Mustang Post

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