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Jul 11, 2016

This child was not actually a bride, but could have been

A Glass Lion winner from Lebanon brought a lack of laws against child marriage to light.

The above video was made by Leo Burnett Beirut on behalf of an NGO called Kafa, which works for women, children and familial rights in Lebanon.

Ad Nut had somehow not seen the video until it won a Glass Lion at Cannes and Ad Nut's colleagues at Campaign Middle East ran a column explaining the campaign's origins (please see: ‘We live in a region where human rights are often at stake’).

Like turning over a rock to see what kinds of vile creatures are hiding there, the video shines a light on the reality of child marriage. Forced to confront it in the light of day, people naturally find it abhorrent.

When it comes to campaigns on behalf of charities or NGOs, Ad Nut likes this purely communications-centred approach far more than, say, making erroneous claims that you've actualy helped people when you clearly haven't.

The author of the Campaign Middle East column, Jo Chemail, puts the need for such work into eloquent terms: 

The role of agencies in supporting human causes is crucial today. Using creativity, ideas and communication can change human behaviour and impact the world around us. We live in a region where human rights are often at stake. And in Lebanon, even though the situation is improving, we remain behind in many ways, such as these archaic, outdated and dysfunctional ‘legal’ practices.

Naturally it is crucial for us—the people—to take to the streets and demand our rights as citizens. Still, without knowledge and without awareness regarding the problems around us, people don’t always know which battles to fight.

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