Jenny Chan 陳詠欣
Oct 24, 2014

Standard Chartered HK: Sensible in banks, quirky online

HONG KONG - In line with its 'Good life' motto, Standard Chartered Bank of Hong Kong has launched a social-driven campaign that highlights relatively unknown shopping 'gems' in the city in an attempt to connect with a young audience.

wide player in 16:9 format. Used on article page for Campaign.

Client: Standard Chartered Bank

Agency: CMRS Digital Solutions

Market: Hong Kong

Project: 'City Gems'

Campaign scope: Facebook, Instagram  

Details: The objective is to raise awareness of the bank's credit-card offers, as well as the unique cultures of small businesses in Hong Kong, to further strengthen the association between the bank and its 'Good life' motto.

The campaign targets consumers in their 30s with a penchant for exploring small shops for extraordinary items and unique shopping experiences. It has a series of online and offline initiatives, plus partnerships with KOLs in a teaser video (above) to introduce the stories of local stores.

The brand strictly evaluated 10 local stores for their quality of products or services, plus their business owners' passions and visions. Selected KOLs include local celebrities, deejays and bloggers including Maria Tang, Watermelon Lee, Stone Ip and Miss KitB, who all have online influence from strong fan bases due to their stylish and trendy images.

Local photographer Will Cho leads Standard Chartered's Instagram engagement campaign (see below), playing the role of a tour guide to bring audiences to each store in the city. In-store posters and tent cards also direct customers to the bank's webpage, where the local stores will be featured regularly.

Agency quote: "Hong Kong, one of the most densely populated cities in the world, is full of similar chain stores with less special characteristics. However, there are local stores with their own style and uniqueness that we should not miss out."

Comments: The old adage that you can’t be everything to everybody is correct. If a bank tries to cover everybody with a blanket marketing plan, it will simply churn out a diluted brand message. 



Managing Partner: Ralph Szeto
Associate Account Director: Louis Leung
Assistant Manager: Oliver Kan
Social Media Assistant: Thomas Wong
Video production: Visualution Labs Ltd


Event note: Financial Services Marketing takes place on 6 November in Hong Kong.

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