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Jan 23, 2017

Singapore calls in kung fu master to fight 'sugar villains'

'Kungfu fighter, hidden sugar', for the Ministry of Communications and Information by Tribal Worldwide Singapore.

This seems to be the year for effects-heavy Chinese New Year ads based on kung fu flicks. This morning, one martial-arts themed campaign caused Ad Nut to drop a reference to the film House of Flying Daggers (see The way to a Chinese MIL's heart is through her stomach, which Ad Nut subtitled, 'House of flying chili peppers').

Now here's a campaign from Singapore that actually came with the title, 'Kungfu fighter, hidden sugar'—an apparent reference to the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

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The 90-second film above is nearing 1 million views and has surpassed 16,000 shares on Facebook as of this moment. It's got an anti-diabetes message and it's actually entertaining—which is more than this jaded woodland creature tends to expect from a Singapore-government effort (here's why). So well done, Tribal Worldwide. 

Two five-second clips, a Facebook GIF and a mobile message greeting will be released over the next week and during the first 15 days of Lunar New Year, according to the agency, which adds that 400,000 Singaporeans above the age of 18 suffer from diabetes. 

Ad Nut plans to try out 'Sugar Wipeout Technique' when the relatives approach with honey-coated mixed nuts or the umpteenth plate of cookies during the upcoming holiday gatherings. But Ad Nut will forego the 'Sugar Defeating Darts', which seem dangerous if there are kittens* in the scurry*.

* Young squirrels are called "kittens" or "pups", and a group of squirrels is called a "scurry". 


Ministry of Communications & Information
Karen Tan, Senior Director, Public Communications Division
Lim Jing Ting, Deputy Director, Public Communications Division
Bharathi Dhana, Assistant Director, Public Communications Division
Vincent Wang, Assistant Manager, Public Communications Division
Tan Xiang Wei, Assistant Manager, Public Communications Division
Amanda Kee, Assistant Manager, Public Communications Division

Jeff Cheong, President, Tribal Worldwide Asia
Benson Toh, Creative Director, Tribal Worldwide Singapore
Eugene Tan, Associate Creative Director, Tribal Worldwide Singapore
Bettina Feng, Executive Producer, DDB Singapore
Amanda Tan, Production Coordinator, DDB Singapore
Katijah Yusuff, Senior Account Manager, Tribal Worldwide Singapore
Khoo Kai Qi, Senior Account Manager, Tribal Worldwide Singapore

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