Adrian Peter Tse
Sep 8, 2014

Nike asks exam-obsessed Koreans to go out and play

KOREA - Addressing a market known for pushing young people to excel academically, Nike, with Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo, has launched a new 'Just do it' campaign that aims to reinvigorate youth sports in South Korea.

Client: Nike

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo

Market: Korea

Campaign scope: Print, 60-second and 15-second video formats, OOH, event, website.

Description: 'Fun wins' addresses the incredible weight that is shackling Korean youths to desk chairs and keeping their heads glued to textbooks in an exam-intense society. With bursts of colour, action and smiles, the campaign intends to remind youth to free themselves through the fun, freedom and invigoration of sport.

Press release quotes: Blake Harrop, managing director at Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo: "It would be a mistake to underestimate the pressures that young Korean people face. However we also have confidence in the universal power of sport as a means to maximising human potential, and it is this belief that underpins our work with Nike Korea."

Adam Koppel, creative director at Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo said: "Whether it's the films or the out of home, we wanted to put this energy and joy out into the city. Because the truth is, it's contagious. When you see it, you want to join in. You want to play. We just needed to craft the right invitation."

Comments: With a strong social touch, the campaign addresses a real problem facing young people in Korea. The campaign starts with the end user and aligns with an important and developing social issue. As such, the message comes across as genuine and inspirational in its effort to ignite a youth sports movement in South Korea that means just as much for the brand as it does for the people.


Executive creative director: Mike Farr, Tota Hasegawa
Creative director: Adam Koppel
Copywriter: Jisuk Kim
Art director: Daisuke Maki
Designers: Choro Koumae, Kangihn Kim
Agency senior producer: Chris Capretto 
Account team: Price Manford, Ryan Johnson, YJ Kong
Business Affairs Manager: Amber Lavender, Karen Murillo
Strategic planners: Maria Correa
Creative advisor: Joonyoung Hur

Film production
Production company: Radical Media
Director: Ralf Schmerberg
Asst director sub: Tommy Lee
Director's asst: Katja Oortman
Executive producers: Donna Portaro / Frank Scherma
Line producer: Scott Cunningham
Production designer: Zana Bosnjak
Production supervisor: Shaune San Cartier
Wardrobe: Eliza Lindenberg
Executive producer (Ja Mez) James Hong
Executive producer (Duroo) David Hong

Editorial company: Rock Paper Scissors
Editor: Biff Butler / Conor OíNeill
Post producer: Ashley Bartell
Lead assistant editor: Alyssa Oh
Post executive producer: Angela Dorian

Post production
Finishing: A52
Colourist: Paul Yacono
Executive producer: Jennifer Sofio Hall / Megan Meloth

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