Matthew Miller
Apr 17, 2014

Mini shows off racy side in Malaysian street-battle video

MALAYSIA - To promote its new, more powerful F56 model, Mini has staged an elaborate video which sees the car 'competing' with a freestyle BMX rider, a paramotor pilot, a BASE jumper, and a flyboard performer through the streets of Putrajaya.

The video, developed with Saatchi & Saatchi Arachnid, "nudges Mini towards an edgier, performance-oriented demeanour", according to the agency.

Although it's not quite as intense as the famous DC Shoes gymkhana videos, the clip adeptly draws parallels between the car's agility and that of the extreme-sports performers. And it scores extra points because all of the participants are Malaysians.

The car in the video is a showroom car without any modifications, driven by Ivan Khong, a rally driver, performance driving instructor and Malaysian gymkhana champion.

The stuntmen featured are Fizzy, an Asian Extreme Sports Championship BMX freestyle rider; Shuk: Malaysia's first pro flyboard performer and instructor; Rizlan, a paramotor pilot and member of Malaysia's pioneer North Pole Free Fall Expedition; and Nasa, a skydiver and BASE jumper with more than 200 jumps on his CV.

The video took two days to film and was done without "camera tricks", according to the agency.

The video will get a promotion push via Facebook Ads, YouTube pre-roll, Says Network and LinkedIn.


Stunt Coordination & Talents
Raja Aris Dzulkifli (Stunt Coordinator)
Ivan Khong (Stunt Driver)
Muhammad Hafizi bin Suhaimi Aka Fizzy (BMX Freestyler)
Muhammad Shukri Ali aka Shuk (Flyboard Stuntman)
Raja Kamarul Hafiz aka Fyz (Jetski Pilot)
Ramli bin Mat Idin. Amn aka Rizlan (Paramotor Pilot)
Nor Adzrul-Firdaus Rizlan (Paramotor Crew 1)
Nor Adzrul-Fadzwan Rizlan (Paramotor Crew 2)
Muhammad Nasarizal Nasarudin aka Nasa (BASE Jumper)
Haziq bin Azlan (BASE Jumper 2)
Azuan bin Taharudin (BASE Jumper 3)
Mohd Syakirin Ridzuan (BASE Jump Coordinator)

Stunt Props / Special Effects / Support Team
Kenneth Chong
“Tiger” Chan Kim Choy
Ibrahim Awang Teh
Chan Chin Kuang
Keow Wee King
Rahul Roy
Barbara Tan Sue Zan

Truss Builders
Kenneth Chong
Mohd. Hisyam Adbul Kadir
Mohd. Azam Ramli
Mohd. Farid Jamali
Mohd. Zeffireli Tan Hanipah

Kenneth Chong
L.A Aden Paul
Shiran Shafie

Camera/Post Production Crew
Dominic Yee (Executive Producer)
Sharmila Naidu (Line Producer)
Seelan Param (Director)
Nadira Ilana (Assistant Director)
Aaron Chung (DOP)
John Goh (Cam Opt 1)
Fendi Shareef Ang (Cam Opt 2)
Eddie Tham/ Dennis (Go Pro Opt)
Hadzim bin Othman (Cam Asst 1)
Armi bin Alias (Cam Asst 2)
Hafidzun Othman (Cam Asst 3)
Muhd Ikhwan bin Lokman (Grip)
Sharul Nizam bin Juhan (Audioman)
See Chun Tian (Drone Opt 1)
Syaril Imri Bin Amir Hamza (Drone Opt 2)
Ash Yap (Production Manager)
Gifford Chee (Production Asst 1)
Azizan Adam (Production Asst 2)
Mah (Chase Car Driver)
En Ab Rashid Bin Ab Jalil (Police Rider 1)
En Rizuan Bin Megat Ahmad (Police Rider 2)
Jasmin (Data Wrangler 1)
Daniel (Data Wrangler 2)
Shine G Rolling Services (Catering)

Post-Production (VFX)

Audio Engineers
Eugene Fong
Thomas Lee

Creative Agency (Saatchi & Saatchi Arachnid)
Chin Weng Keong (Managing Director/Executive Creative Director)
David Soo (General Manager)
Kelvin Wong (Creative Director)
Cheah Pih Nyuk (Creative Head)
Damian Tan (Head of Content)
Justin Wong (Copywriter)
Calvin Choong (Copywriter)
Hor Yuen Kin (Art Director)
Chan Yi Mun (Art Director)
Yeong Kit Meng (Junior Art Director)
Chin Sue Lynn (Senior Account Manager)
Lee Chun Hoe (Account Manager)
Vicnice Ng (Account Executive)
Crystal Kong (Social Media Executive)
Robin Sue (Associate Head of Creative Services)
Wayne Lim (Web Developer)
Kyle Tong (IT Administrator)
Justin Low (Senior Designer)
Rachel Fong (Designer)

Perbadanan Putrajaya
Building management of KPWKM
Polis Diraja Malaysia
Medic KL Paramedic & Ambulance
… and the residents of Putrajaya.



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