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Feb 23, 2017

Meals on wheels: Volvo offers rolling dining in Tokyo

The automaker, along with Uber Eats, an Iron Chef star and Dentsu, invites foodies to a seven-course meal served in an SUV.

The word "unique" is overused in marketing, but in this case seems appropriate: Volvo, Uber Eats, Dentsu, and former 'Iron Chef' commentator Yukio Hattori have come together to create a culinary experience that is certainly one of a kind.

The film above invites people to "reserve" a spot in 'All-Star Restaurant', a rolling gastronomic adventure: They will ride all over Tokyo in a Volvo vehicle while consuming a seven-course meal devised by Hattori and delivered from various restaurants to the vehicle by Uber Eats.

The stunt promotes the Volvo XC90 Excellence, which the campaign website refers to as the "restaurant". It has a built-in champagne cooler, a sound system akin to an orchestra and many other features that the site describes in lavish terms.

No mention is made of the vehicle's suspension system. But if hot soup is served in a wide shallow bowl, as shown in the video, Ad Nut hopes that the vehicle is well-equipped to counteract any potholes.

In reality the "reservation" link leads to a contest entry form, and Ad Nut has learned that only one lucky winner and guest will get to enjoy the gourmet-on-the-go experience for two.

Ad Nut also asked Dentsu why it chose two western models to appear in the film; it seems a strange choice for a promotion targetting Tokyo, yet surely was a deliberate decision. The answer from a Dentsu spokesperson: "This campaign seems to be a more special event by appointing western casts. We wanted to remove Japanese daily life as much as possible from the video."

So white faces are more apt to lend an air of fantasy? Well, Dentsu certainly knows its market. But to Ad Nut's eyes, Japanese people who could actually act would have been a better choice than these two, who never look like they're having fun and at times look like they're involved in some kind of abduction/torture ordeal.   

Culinary ecstasy? 


Creative Director: Akira Suzuki
Art Director: Daisaku Maeda
Planner / Producer: Yukito Kanazawa
Copy Writer: keisuke Nishino
Producer: Takashi Kibe
Assistant Producer: Kiminori Soga
Restaurant Coordinator: Toru Komatsu
PR Planner: Fukutaro Masago
PR Planner: Tsukasa Nakagawa
PR Planner: Miyako Yusa

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