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May 9, 2023

Lion & Lion puts love of filmcraft on the line

Agency's latest short film is a lovely five minute escape, selling nothing but its love of storytelling and attention to detail.

As you tell from the name, Ad Nut loves ads. There are loads of film nuts out there but Ad Nut likes the ad-ded challenge of persuasion in creative work. 

So it was with a dose of reticence that Ad Nut dove into the latest work from independent Malaysian-based agency like Lion & Lion. It's a short film. Period. Not on behalf of a brand or NGO with a formal purpose. 

But it is also an ad—a lovely one at that.

Entitled 'Love on the Line,' the film depicts an elderly man who gets himself ready in his best clothes every day for a much-anticipated trip to the neighbourhood telephone booth.

Nostalgia abounds and work is carefully crafted to shift one's focus from our busy lives to see meaning and detail in the spaces and objects around us. Ultimately the story guides the viewer to an appreciation of what matters most, a place one would only arrive at if it were for the care put into the storytelling and filmwork.

Which is where Ad Nut arrives at the ad. The film hits just a few months after the agency set up its own film and content production studio and showcases what the new team can do.  

“With the launch of our film and content production team to create greater impact for our clients, producing and making cinematic films and shorts that can demonstrate the capabilities of our directors and the storytelling abilities of our creatives comes naturally," explains Lion & Lion's regional chief creative officer, Cheelip Ong. "It allows our talents to broaden their canvas for creativity, telling stories that delight and that touches hearts through the film format.”

"We wanted to convey the message that the little things in life can make a big difference," says production head and director, Johnson Ling. "Our story aims to remind viewers that every moment counts, and that love, no matter how fleeting, can have a profound impact on our lives. Through our film, we hope to inspire others to cherish the small moments in life and to never take them for granted.”

Does this film persuade Ad Nut to make the most out of life and relationships in the time one has? Yes.

And does it persuade Ad Nut that this smaller Malaysian indie agency can produce finely-crafted cinematic work for any global brand that rivals larger big budget agency work? Yes, it does.


Director: Johnson Ling
Director of Photography: Khairul Shafit
Senior Producer: Rachel Lian
Screenwriters: Claudia Low & Asher Cheelip Ong
Creative Directors: Asher Cheelip Ong, Desmond Ho & Tatt Ho Chow
Lead Actor: Uncle Tam
Camera Operator: Thng Wai Fong
Camera Assistant: Jasper Huang
Gaffer: Kuro Lee
Music: Brian Wong
Styling: Wardrobe Room
Post Production: Johnson Ling & Khairul Shafit
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