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Jul 6, 2018

It was a dark and overwrought night...

'The Darkest Light' is an ambitious film that showcases LG's 4K OLED TVs. Too bad it's so tedious and annoying.

LG Australia has apparently spent a fair bit of money on a film that's designed to show off "the richness of the colours and the intensity of the true blacks" that its 4K OLED TVs are capable of producing.

The film probably accomplishes that mission, as it certainly contains an awfully high number of darkly lit scenes. These are sure to deeply excite the kind of people who get deeply excited about seeing blacks that could be 'none more black'.

Ad Nut watched the whole thing, because verily, Ad Nut's professional dedication knows no bounds. However, Ad Nut is fairly confident that Ad Nut is one of the few creatures in existence who will make it through the entire film. Because it is tedious and interminable.  

Supposedly it tells the story of "a girl looking back over the moments of her broken relationship, contemplating the significance of the small details that led to its demise". Weird. Ad Nut thought it was a horror film, and that either one or both of the people were ghosts. Or murderers. Or ghost murderers. This impression came about partly because of the dark visuals but primarily because of the ominous soundtrack. Sorry, the proper term is "sound beds", according to the producer and director, Sixty40’s Tim Kindler. Watch it and you'll agree it scans as a slow-burning horror flick, except that nothing horrific ever happens. Where is the grisly murder or spine-chilling reveal that those eerie sound beds promised? Why did you make Ad Nut watch a three-minute epic about some randos breaking up?

Clearly the director and production team are talented. They know their way around cinematography (and sound beds). Nor can we fault the agency, Background CC. And far be it from Ad Nut to tell brands how to spend their money. Obviously Ad Nut is strongly in favour of profligate adspend, which translates into plenty of work for agencies—not to mention industry news publishers and in turn Ad Nut.

But sometimes, something comes along that's so elaborate and well-crafted, but at the same time so pointless, that it causes Ad Nut to think. That inevitably leads to questions about the use of such creative talent on things that are so utterly devoid of import. And that leads to musings about Ad Nut's place in the universe. And that leads to stress-induced Nutella binges. It's not good, people! Ad Nut implores companies to please not do this to Ad Nut.

Time to go clear the head by watching some advertising masterworks

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