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Mar 5, 2018

Hipsters: The all-purpose brand punching bag

Ad for Dare Cold Pressed, a bottled coffee brand, treats hipsters as an infestation.

Australia's Lion Dairy & Drinks has launched a campaign for its Dare Cold Pressed brand of bottled coffee through AJF Partnership and director Nick Kelly of The Sweet Shop.

A TVC (above) uses hipsters as a convenient foil to suggest that the coffee matches the brews found in pricey coffee shops—but without all the pretense.

It's a solidly funny spot.

As a sociological trend, Ad Nut thinks hipsters make a curious case. They've become a go-to option for brands that want to make fun of someone without causing any real offense to anyone. As no one in the world actually identifies themself as a hipster (even people who arguably fit the stereotypes), hipsters make a pretty safe target for brands to beat up on. Yet, when you read between the lines in this and other ads, hipsters are still considered arbiters of good taste. So they're at once imaginary, admired and despised.

The integrated campaign launched yesterday. Here's another TVC, which hinges on a pronunciation issue and plays up the mental benefits of caffeine.


Creative Agency: AJF Partnership
Josh Stephens
Glenn Dalton
Ed Carveth
Brent Liebenberg

Account Management:
Sarah Tukua
Megan Wailes

Jacqueline Witts
Heleen Hidskes

TV Production:
Roz Ruwhiu

Client: Lion Dairy & Drinks:
Darryn Wallace
Sharon Winton
Anne Dowsley
Jacqui Shemer

Production Company: The Sweet Shop
Director: Nick Kelly
Producer: Nikolas Aulich
Executive Producers: Loren Bradley, Edward Pontifex
Managing Partner: Wilf Sweetland
Post: Stu Morley - The Editors
Sound: Paul Baxter

Photography: Hart & Co/Isamu Sawa
Media Agency: Starcom

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