Matthew Miller
Mar 10, 2015

Dine in the dark for the sake of Aussie farms

AUSTRALIA - A new Earth Hour campaign for WWF of Australia forces people to think about how climate change threatens the food supply.

Client: WWF Australia

Agency: Leo Burnett Sydney

Market: Australia

Campaign scope: TV (above), digital, radio (below) and outdoor (pictured).

Details: The campaign began 1 March and runs up to Earth Hour, which takes place on 28 March at 8:30 pm local time. With the tagline ‘Switch off for the future of Aussie food’ and the hashtag #AppetiteForChange, the campaign attempts to connect the traditional Earth Hour message of energy conservation to global warming and the very real threat it poses for the food supply.

Press release quote: Anna Rose, head of Earth Hour with WWF Australia: “All Australians are proud of our farmers for feeding the nation, but they are on the frontline of rising temperatures and more extreme weather. Flooding, drought, fires and changes in pests and weeds are affecting the farms that supply 93 per cent of the food we eat.” 

Andy DiLallo, chief creative officer, Leo Burnett Sydney: “Food has the power to bring people together. This campaign taps into that—bringing people together to give their voices and support to the need to protect and preserve the future of Australian food and the farmers who provide it.”

Campaign Asia Pacific's comments: People often fail to remember that climate change is not some esoteric concern, but rather a threat to the environmental systems that support our very lives—even those of us who dwell in mega-cities. This campaign connects the dots between global warming and farming in an elegant, undeniable way. In particular, we applaud the radio spot (below), which makes haunting use of the medium to add an extra emotional kick to the message.   


Leo Burnett
Chief Creative Officer: Andy DiLallo
Executive Creative Directors: Vince Lagana & Grant McAloon
Copywriter: Curt McDonald
Art Director: Claus Stangl
Producer: Rachel Rider
Group Business Director: Belinda Drew
Business Manager: Rachel Bean
Strategic Planner: Nicky Bryson

Director: Angus Forbes
Producer: Olivia Hantken 

Voice Casting: EarCasting
Voice Directing: Eardrum
Music Composition: Songzu
Sound Engineer: Abigail Sie

Marketing & Engagement Director: Cristel Leed
Earth Hour National Manager: Anna Rose
Communication and online campaign manager: Samantha Webb
Climate Change campaigner: Reece Proudfoot

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