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Feb 7, 2020

Delete all memories of your ex forever, brought to you by Google

This Valentine's Day, Google wants to help singletons purge themselves of any memories of a former lover.

Just days after Google broadcast a tear-jerker ad during the Super Bowl showing how its Home assistant can help people 'remember' loved ones that have passed on, over in Indonesia it is flaunting how its products can allow embittered singletons to delete memories of their ex forever.

Rather than opting for a mushy campaign about love this Valentine's Day campaign, Google wants to help ease the pain of the holiday for those who are single—by helping them to remove any last trace of love from their lives forever. Like using Google's facial recognition features to quickly identify all photos of your ex, and storage applications to file them away. (If only Google could aggregrate and store away Ad Nut's nuts so efficiently for the winter...).

Created by freelance-based creative agency Superson, the ‘Yuk Move On’ (‘Let’s Move On’) campaign showcases how nine Google apps can help singletons to "move on" from a past relationship.

The hero ad, filmed in Bahasa, shows Indonesian actress Vanesha Prescilla looking sullenly at a couple in love, inspiring her to delete a folder of pictures of her ex in Google Photos, and using Google Files to get rid of all the "cute memes and videos" shared between them. But the end of the ad is definitely the saddest part. Alone in her house, with no one to love, Prescilla asks Google Assistant to "tell me a lame joke". And Google assistant delivers.

"What coffee is the sweetest?" the assistant asks. "My 'espression' when you take me on a holiday."

Urgh. The ambition of the campaign is to encourage singletons to "move on", "celebrate life", "love yourself", but Ad Nut has never felt more depressed and alone.

The ad was created off the back of a frequently searched term on Google in Indonesia: “cara move on” (how to move on), according to Google’s brand and creative lead for Southeast Asia, Mira Sumanti.

To launch the campaign, Google has also distributed a “Moving On Kit” to Indonesia’s top single influencers and YouTubers, encouraging them to try Google apps and share their "moving on" stories.

The online film was directed by Anatman Pictures director Mahatma Putra. Other partners include Lion & Lion, Bumble Bee Studios, Image Dynamics and Toaster.

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