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Sep 20, 2019

Back-to-school shopping shouldn't be terrifying

THE WORK: 'Back-to-school essentials' for Sandy Hook Promise by BBDO.

It's a damn shame that this brilliant video from the US exists.* School kids should not have to think about how to escape from a killer armed with assault weapons, or how to turn their athletic socks into tourniquets.

And yet here we are. 'Active-shooter drills' have become a common and accepted part of the back-to-school experience in the US. Ad Nut believes that the drills themselves inflict psychological damage, especially on young children, and that their effectiveness is questionable—not to mention that running such drills is a growing for-profit business.

Setting that aside, the fact that people have decided to run such drills, rather than taking the more obvious and more effective step of enacting sensible gun control, is lunacy of the highest order. But somehow it's become normal, which is exactly what this video by BBDO for Sandy Hook Promise (a non-profit formed after the horrifying shooting at the Connecticut school of the same name) calls into question.

Campaign US has more details on the campaign.

* Writing this line, Ad Nut felt an odd sense of deja vu. Turns out there was a reason: See "It's a damn shame that this brilliant PSA from the US exists" from 2016.

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